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Practical proposals for action that men can take to improve their health are put forward and policy guidelines for the new decade are given. The provision of health services is supported by a framework of health policy and other elements of the health system. The publication of high quality health policy and systems research aimed at informing policy and practice in low and middle income countries. Our mission is to be a specialised health policy consultancy that works with organisations across the health spectrum to bring about policy change. As an interactive tool, the EU Health Platform aims to stimulate debate on public health issues, exchange knowledge and best practice.

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Public health policy relates to choices, intentions and measures taken to meet particular health objectives within a population. A health policy that is explicitly stated could accomplish several things, including the definition of a forward-looking vision, which in turn contributes to setting objectives and benchmarks in the shorter and longer terms.

Health policy guidelines are of many types, encompassing individual health policy, pharmaceuticals policy and policy related to health, such as immunization policy, tobacco control policy and policy to promote breast-feeding. These may include issues such as funding and provision of health services, accessibility, quality and equal opportunities in health services. Medical care:

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Public health policy is an instrument for researching and discussing public health and public health policy questions. It aims in particular to facilitate communications between public health policy and system investigators, lawmakers, decision-makers and experts involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of public health policy.... In particular, it aims to improve communications between health policymakers and system investigators, lawmakers, policy-makers and practitioners involved in the development, implementation and analysis of health policy, health system and health reform, particularly in high-income economies outside the United States; health policy and reform are accelerating in global economies; and policy-makers are seeking more and more answers to their own health and health reform challenges in other states.

Public health policy is commited to supporting this global dialog to make sure that policy is not only replicated but also used and adjusted to meet particular issues, goals and contexts. How the idea comes from, i.e. whether it is "imported" from another nation or within the nation and how innovatory it is compared to other nations; Why it happens, e.g. as a result of a shift in governance, a discontent of the population or (perceived) non-sustainable increase in costs, and what are the goals; The stakeholders concerned (both public and non-governmental), including

its role, views and strengths in the decision-making and delivery processes; intentional and, in particular, unintentional impacts of these policy or reform on the health system in relation to accessibility, adequacy, cost, efficacy, quality, patients' experiences and equity, etc.; its ultimate impact in relation to health outcome, funding coverage and capacity to respond to the populations' legitimacy expectation, i.e. evaluation of the achievement of reform and health care system.

In order to reach the goals of the magazine, writers are encourage to compose in a non-technical manner that is comprehensible to health policy-makers and professionals from other fields and other nationalities. More and more people are accessing the magazine through ScienceDirect, one of the world's most sophisticated web distribution platforms for science, technology and healthcare information.

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