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Which is the Health Provider Registry (HPRy)? This is a central and authoritative source where health practitioners work and can be contacted most effectively. If you are a healthcare provider looking for the contact details of the health insurance company to register with a health insurance company as a medical or allied healthcare provider, please contact us. Researchers at the Melbourne Institute risk adjusting the performance parameters for private health surgeons in the Faculty of Business Administration. Using healthcare providers in the network of your plan allows you to benefit from the substantial discounts we have agreed with them.

HPP Health Portal

The Queensland General Practitioner's (GP's) improved accessibility to health information for patients is an important part of the Specialist Ambient Strategy - Improving the Patient journey by 2020. The Health Provider Portal (HPP) provides information on health care for patients to physicians who are enrolled and accredited. Any information displayed is provided via secured tunnelling to Queensland Health's read-only The Viewer clinic use.

Patients' data includes the personal attention and support given to a single subject at any Queensland national health centre. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. In the meantime, many BPs in Queensland have signed up for the Health Provider Portal.

Register of the health care provider

Provide better, more secure and quicker dissemination of information on health care to health care providers. Which is the Health Provider Registry (HPRy)? This is a key and authoritative resource where health care workers work and can be approached most efficiently. This registry covers family doctors, health care workers and related health professions in SA and related service providers.

For what is the health register used? Its main use is to ease the transmission of information to patients, such as release notes and referring patients to specialist and related health care providers. And who has accessed the health register? It is also used by other hospital facilities (private, rural), health facilities and clinics.

Under certain circumstances, your regional trade association or university of applied sciences has full right of your data. What are the benefits for doctors and their caregivers? GPs can refer to the reference data base for GP patient transfers, i.e. it provides a listing of services.

Medical professionals only need to keep their contacts updated when they move. Physicians can specify their prefered type of contacts (electronic mail* / facsimile / e-mail / post). Enables prompt and precise dissemination of patients' information to healthcare professionals, from large urban government clinics to summary reports of medical emergencies (formerly known as release summaries).

Aspects of the book's contents and formats were elaborated after comprehensive privately funded work. What can I do to have my data entered in the health register? Physicians must "register" by completing and sign the agreement forms. Doctors can revoke their agreement at any moment at au or by calling (08) 8406 7797.

If my data changes, how can I refresh it? What controls how the health register is accessed? Electronical version of the register will be available only to participants of the health register. The registration process is password-protected and encoded, thus impeding general use. Use of the Register by any individual or entity outside the conditions of its arrangement may lead to suspension of use of the Register and possible judicial proceeding under the Data Protection Act 2000.

What is the protection of my data in the health register? If the health register transmits your contacts to the hospital and other user, the confidentiality of this data is safeguarded by encrypting it while maintaining the same high level of protection as in the case of banks. Notice that the Web is a publicly available resource and Summit Health cannot warrant that any information sent over the Web that is encoded will not be captured.

Health Provider Registry is saved on a securely-hosted server in a professionally ISPed enviroment. Whose health register is this? It was an initiation of General Practice SA Inc. and is now held by Summit Health.

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