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Managing and shaping the Australian health system and sporting outcomes through evidence-based policies, targeted programmes and regulation of best practice. Suggested websites and online programs to promote mental health and self-help. This website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have individual questions about travel, please contact national or specialised websites, ministries of health, travel clinics or practitioners. The digitalization is of fundamental importance for the transformation of the health care system.

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Browse all our contents for trustworthy health information, as well as the information partner resource.

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It' hot air is killing more Australians than any catastrophe. Extremely hot weather can hit anyone, but the most vulnerable are children, the elderly and those with a state of health. With five easy hints, make sure you and your friends get through the hot weather this year. But before you take the leap, learn how you and your host familiy can mitigate your exposure and remain secure.

The path of each individual through convalescence is different, and for many, convalescence is a constant struggle. The best way for your physique to function is to consume a large variety of wholesome foodstuffs. Do you know that grocery intoxications occur more often in summers than at any other season of the year? Sadly, you won't always know when your groceries are polluted - it will usually look, smells and tastes normally, which puts you and your loved ones at great danger of intoxication.

February 14th is Red Day of Clothes. heart research Australia invites you to bear red for someone near your heart - a member of your immediate household or that particular boyfriend who means the whole earth to you, or in remembrance of someone you love who unfortunately died of cardio.

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Health & Wellness ABC (opens in new window) is a health portal with extensive evidence-based features (opens in new window), products, facts (opens in new window) and user guidelines (opens in new window). They can search through wholesome prescriptions (opens in a new window), be influenced by the health histories of others in their histories (opens in a new window) and argue the truths behind these moaning health issues in the fact buster section (opens in a new window).

Visit the ABC Health & Wellness website (opens in a new window) for more information. The Australian Childhood Immunisation Registry (opens in a new window) is a Medicare Australia maintained nationwide registry that keeps track of vaccination detail for Australian childhood immunisation under seven.

The health care professional shall make the information available to the Registry and allow vaccination provider and parent or guardian to verify the vaccination progress of an isolated infant, regardless of where the infant has been vaccinated. The Better Health Channel (opens in a new window) is designed to help you keep fit or better understood and managed.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service gathers donations of bloody material from donors. On the website of the donation blog you will find information about the donation authorization and the withdrawal procedure. A series of factheets for adults and children (opens in a new window) have been created for people who are receiving either transfusions or ferric substitution as part of SA Health's BloodSafe programme.

The CDC ( US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) (opens in a new window) provides authentic, trustworthy health information about disease and condition, environment health, healthful lifestyles, injuries, physical harm and security, phases of lifestyles and population groups. Child and Youth Health (opens in new window) provides support to Southern Australia family through a variety of health and youth health and education programmes.

The themes are divided into subcategories, below: Gesundheitsthemen (opens in a new window) - a list of health issues from A to B. Condition and Disease (opens in new window) - for information about Asthma, Diabetics, Cancer, Depressions and more. Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden (opens in new window) - Themes such as health, diet, medication and health care coverage.

Phases of live and happenings (opens in new window) - Information about climacteric, maternity, aging and hospitalization. Gesundheitsdienste (opens in new window) - Link to health care provider throughout Australia is a health information tool. The aim is to enhance the health of Australians by facilitating easier accessibility to high-quality information on people' s health.

A thorough evaluation procedure must be followed for all contents on healthcaredirect. The Immunise Australia Programme (opens in new window) informs the general community and healthcare workers about vaccinations. Provides information on illnesses funded by the vaccines programme, disease-related consumer communications and a timetable for vaccinations. MedicalPLUS (opens in new window) is the website of the US National Institutes of Health for patient, family and family.

Provides you with information about illnesses, states, and spa problems in a way you can easily comprehend, and provides dependable, up-to-date health information. MedlinePlus allows you to find out about the latest treatment, look up information about a medication or dietary supplements, find out the meaning of words, or watch video or illustrative material. myDr (opens in a new window) has information about medications and treatment for certain illnesses and states.

Provides hands-on assessment of your health and more information about life and health benefits. provides information on the number of beds, referrals and accreditations, as well as the type of specialized service each clinic offers. Compare also with official hospitals' own statistical information on wait periods for optional surgeries and the provision of ER treatment, where available.

National Health Directory allows you to browse for and find information on health care providers such as: clinicians, physical therapists, dental professionals, consultants, nutritionists and more. The National HPV Vaccination Program Register (opens in a new window) is a private data base that gathers information about HPV vaccination in Australia. The NHS choices (opens in new window) is a full British information centre providing information about health states, life in good health and health related newsworthiness.

Its purpose is to help you make health and life style related decision such as quitting tobacco, eating, drinking and exercising. National Prescribing Service (NPS) (opens in new window) is a drug information for everyone that helps you make better informed drug selections and all the health testing you need.

The Medicare Australia (opens in a new window) provides information on the registration procedure for your approval of the donation and is responsible for keeping the Australian organ donation registry. When you or someone you serve uses power-dependent healthcare devices in your home, the development of a blackout recovery policy is critical, which includes registration for the Australian Red Cross (SA) (opens in a new window) and SA Energy Networks (opens in a new window) technical assistance service.

The SmartTraveller - Traveller Health (opens in new window) Information provides trip advice and health information to help you get ready for a safer and healthier trip. For more information on traveling and vaccination, please come and see us: TMVC (Travel Doctor) (opens in a new window).

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