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About his HealthCare case, Len Schlesinger. gov: gov: gov has been criticized for being vulnerable to cyber attacks since its inception. Failures and problems in real time for gov is a website of the federal government administered by the U.

S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Obamacare's website disruptions are nothing new to the government. Registration closing date and everything else you need to know.

If you are going to buy medical cover under the Affordable Care Act for the next year, you have a time limit that is quickly getting closer. Open registration period from 1 November to 15 December for reporting from 1 January 2019.

You must allow a year for the open registration period for 2020 to begin, unless you are eligible for a special registration period because you have already forgotten your medical insurance, relocated, got a wife, had a babies or adopted a kid. How can I register? Applications for cover can be made on the government's website,, or you can re-register.

Following a stony roll-out years ago that made it almost unfeasible for Americans to register for reporting, the US administration has upgraded the site. Put in a nutshell, works now. Which do I need to register? Here is a practical Marketplace Application Checklist (PDF). They will also want to round up payslips or W-2 documents to supply the employers and the earnings required for registration.

If you have medical insurance, you must find the insurance number for your existing scheme. It is possible to view the quotations without having to register or complete the full request on this page without having to complete it. Simply type in your postcode and reply to a few short question (age, sex, incomes, household members ) to see rates, reviews and cover detail of your local schemes.

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