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Our aim is to provide our patients with excellent healthcare. Saint John of God Health Care (SJGHC) is a leading provider of quality health services in Australia. Childred Healthcare, Inc. is a healthcare services company in the United States. In cooperation with medical specialists, we develop mobile solutions for special patient care areas.

Childred Healthcare is a healthcare provider that operates long-term acute care hospitals and provides rehabilitation services in the United States.


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Innovative medical technologies Novita Healthcare Limited (ASX:NHL)

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, TALI Health Pty Ltd. consists of a diverse research and development staff including neuro scientists, softwares, games designers and all-round talent. It is our mission to play a leading role in the evaluation and management of attentiveness problems in infancy. Our goal is to help kids realize their full potentials by offering dedicated exercise programs that have been shown by clinical evidence to enhance key learning outcomes.

Led by the TALI Health Directorate, the TALI Science Council and Chief Research Officer Dr. Hannah Kirk, our expert teams create, build and assess exercise programs that focus on key questions of early learning and development.

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Our aim is to provide our clients with outstanding healthcare. This is why we have conceived our institutions in such a way that they are much more tolerant and staff-friendly than large clinics. Operators have direct acces to adjoining operation theatres in the immediate vicinity of ICU and diagnostics centres. This all means that our clients have a much more relaxing and healthy environment in which more personal attentiveness is the norm, not the exception. However, we are not afraid to say that this is the case.

We specialise in a small number of high-margin specialist areas and processes â orthopaedics, neuro and general surgeries. The surgeon can book large periods of treatment in adjacent operation theatres in order to be able to carry out successive operations without the common disturbances in general wards. Proceedings are not disturbed by emergency situations.

It is our belief that our institutions are attracting world-class surgeries who want to take more responsibility for their practice. Since our plants concentrate on a restricted kind of process, planning is much more effective and foreseeable. That means that surgeons' working hours are used to the full and their performance is available to more clients in less noticeable times.

Our aim is to recruit top level surgeries by giving them more powers to specify the desired and required level of performance. In addition, we give them more decision-making powers in making care and assistance personnel choices and the opportunity to become company associates. Our medical partner can thus earn money in two ways â through an increase in the process volumes and a proportion of the profit of our institutions.

Or in other words, our buisness approach allows surgeries to take more responsibility for their work, timing and revenue.

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