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"'The greatest wealth is health. "John D. At UnitedHealthcare you will find a large selection of insurance policies for you and your family. These are our favorite quotes from last year. Episode Health Care Dwight: I will now read aloud your submitted medical complaints.

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Ten quotes that will be inspiring healthcare executives in 2015 | Top 10

At the end of the first months of 2015, we have already achieved the end of the first months, but there is still a long way to go. In the following ten quotes, executives who have achieved notable successes in their own life and have made significant changes in the life of others are cited. Pay attention to their strong words and be inspire to keep making progress in revolutionising healthcare.

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Ten of my best health quotes for 2016

This is by no means a full listing, as in earlier years (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015). This is just those quotes that led me to mark them for my top ten at the end of the year. Physicians - even Rockstars - are not immunized against a "one-size-fits-all" health labyrinth. This year Ransomware was the dominating cyber security issue in healthcare, and as always, several high-profile polls have been published, among them a Nasdaq and Tanium one.

Incorporated into the poll was the frightening acknowledgement that 90% of senior managers said they could not even afford to look at a cyber-security review and were unwilling to deal with a large-scale assault... and then this citation. In 2015, the FDA released its first ever cure-hazard alert for a medicinal product, but a safety investigator with an actually implanted heart defibrillator highlighted the enormous need and value of enhanced sensitization and research focusing on the safety of medicinal products/IoT.

Theranos' breakdown began in autumn 2015, but it took a whole year for some of the secrets of its mysterious base to surface - complete with this watch. In the past year, "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli (then Turing Pharmaceutical CEO) with his controversial quotation on medication price structuring was the centre of attention. It attempted - largely in vain- to shift the emphasis from medication price-setting to systematic errors in health price-setting as described in detail by Mylan's $608 EpiPen.

This quotation was in August. In December, Mylan was one of only six businesses in another tub of boiling tap in 20 states charged with pricing generics by prosecutors general. There are many in the healthcare sector who are persuaded that the "integration" of healthcare coverage into the healthcare system itself is the major obstacle for the future.

Simply do not include the Catholic Church Initiatives (CHI) in this group. Early this month, CHI (which runs 103 clinics in 18 states) promised to abandon its "wholly state-run " reinsurance operations. The Tenet Healthcare, WellStar and Piedmont Healthcare companies are also leaving the healthcare markets. Most of the sector reports this year focused on the Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act - or MACRA.

Whereas the bill was adopted in 2015 (replacing the 1997 rate of sustained growth), a thorough review became apparent this year. Most Americans are unaware of the effects of MACRA - at least one of them (Niam Yaraghi of the Brooking Institute's Center for Technology Innovation) refers to it as the "second most important healthcare reforms law" after the social security changes that Medicare and Medicaid introduced in 1965.

Altogether this makes this rating of MACRA (by a high-profile CIO) an eye-opening. Most likely, the last health law related to President Obama's government is the 21 Century Cures Act (passed on December 13), but the full implications are far from known or certain. We had a long queue of big quotes before and then just after the elections, but I found this one most pertinent to the GOP's looming political goal of lifting and then postponing the Obamacare substitution.

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