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Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. com/ Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. http://www.

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There are 8 great examples of healthcare websites

According to a 2003 Pew Research Center survey, almost 80 per cent of all web surfers searched on-line for information on medicine and healthcare on the web. These are many inquiries for healthcare information and proof of the need for good websites. However, healthcare websites face a multitude of challenges:

Web sites have a tendency to present an above-average amount of contents. In spite of these challenging factors, many healthcare Web sites are intelligently engineered, taking into consideration best practice in healthcare Web site development. Although not the most advanced of designs, the Centura Health website offers a neat, uncomplicated information architectural style. We have seen healthcare websites with more than 20 articles that compete for interest in the top menu.

The use of a clear and easy to understand navigational system and the eye-catching presentation of the searching functions in the middle of the homepage considerably increases user friendliness. In addition, the site uses large, high-contrast typefaces that can be viewed by people with visual problems. Americana University Health does a good job by offering end user a rugged way to find keywords.

The on-site research can be searched by categories such as health care, messages and event, provider and location. There is a list of recent queries on the site's top edge, so visitors can follow their progress over time. Furthermore, the head menu contains seperate searching options for suppliers, health care facilities and sites.

Redesigned and engineered to WCAG 2. 0 AA Levels of Compliancy, the Rest Assured website is available to all authorized Web site owners, which is a smarter way to do business. What's more, it's a great place to do Business. The Mercy Heath website offers a range of energetic pictures and colours that appeal to the onlooker. Using a bright, dark shade of dark vegetation for the field was a particularly good way to improve a sense of well-being and well-being, although the species within the field needs greater contrasts to improve legibility.

Hospitality websites show a wide range of online stories. Region One is doing a huge amount of work by narrating her history on film. Using captivating and drama videos as a heroic quote on the homepage immediately captures the observer and encourages the sense that Regional One has the answer to their sickness.

The Mayo Clinic has long been recognised as one of the nation's best centres of medicine and is also at the forefront of its mission to provide healthcare information. The Mayo Clinic, which can be seen in a prominent position on its homepage, offers the user a broad guideline on diseases and ailments. Problems can be investigated by retrieving information from an alphabetical list of diseases or by using Mayo's exhaustive symptoms checks.

The Rush University Medical Center in Chicago does an excellent job and provides its audiences with appealing contents. Featuring an easy-to-navigate website, Rush uses well-written essays on topics such as healthcare status, corporate messages and stories, health-oriented meetings and courses, and highlighting their online contributions to online communities.

Potential clients consequently classify the testimonial as one of their most sought-after information resources and make the testimonial one of the most important areas of a health website. Such recommendations offer more convenience to potential clients and add extra credence to the offer.

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