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This page provides information about assistance programs and tools that help existing and new consumers of the health insurance marketplace. Public Health Ministry: place du Musée, Beirut; tel.

Which is the health insurance marketplace?

It is a resources that can be used by individual persons, family and small businesses: Check the medical plan for cover and affordableness. Receive responses to your healthcare question. See if you are entitled to receive income taxes for your personal insurances or healthcare programmes such as Medicaid or the Children's health Versicherungen Program (CHIP).

Register with a healthcare provider that suits your needs. You can find the marketplace available at:: They can also market the medical coverage by phone, 24 hrs a day, 7 hrs a week under::

Occupational hygiene and occupational disease and disease regulations

Queensland's occupational healthcare and occupational security legislation and legal tools are designed to protect the healthcare, security and well-being of all employees. Queensland Parliament legislation and regulations relating to occupational healthcare and occupational security. Definition of terminology used in the WHSQ workbench.

Occupational safety and security (WHS) and electric security (ES) legislation requires a worker running a shop or company (PCBU) to maintain the occupational physical and mental well-being of their employees. Managers of companies and non-registered entities, such as federations and federations, must take the necessary care to make sure that they comply with commitments in the fields of public heath, occupational heath, protection of the environment and electric security.

Review sanctions for occupational exposure and security violations, as well as information on crime types, local and non-payment of sanctions. Access privileges and obligations to occupational healthcare and occupational security enable owners to access occupational healthcare and occupational security workstations. It is necessary that those responsible should consults, co-operate and co-ordinate with others who have a responsibility in the same regard and that they should consults employees working for the company or undertakings.

Accountability and duties apply to various sectors and organisations to make sure that Queensland's labour legislation is respected. Security at open venues is the sole responsability of the person or group hosting the venue. A lot of popular venues are commercially run businesses, such as race speedways, professional sports venues, pet sports and musical venues, and entail intrinsic risk that is not normally associated with those at work.

An occupational safety and health officer may make reference to an agreed behavioural statement when preparing an amendment or ban report.

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