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Cost-effective health insurance options for you and your family. You can download Horizon CareOnline and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Finding the best health insurance for you. The Horizon Health and Wellness practice has developed an innovative model that embodies our philosophy of total body care while promoting wellness. The Horizon Health Network focuses on patient- and family-oriented care and serves New Brunswick, the northern part of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

BCBSNJ Horizon Health Insurance & Medical Plan

Find out more about our various health programs to find out what's right for you. The EPO scheme (Exclusive Provider Organization) offers advantages in the EPO via the BlueCard® PPO family. The Horizon Directory is a directory based directory that gives you a flexible choice of healthcare. Health conservation organizations (such as Horizon HMO) allow you to minimize your own expenses by getting your health service through your primary physician (PCP).

Horizon BCBSNJ's next generations of consumer-oriented health planning. POS (Point of Service) gives you a flexible choice of healthcare. Health plans provide significantly lower bonuses and no recommendations when you access the biggest New Jersey health insurance coverage. A compensation scheme is a duty schedule with the liberty to choose any physician and every clinic for health services.

Blue Horizon Cross Blue Sign of New Jersey

Based in Newark, New Jersey, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is the only Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association in New Jersey to offer health insurance protection to more than 3.2 million New Jersey residents. This is a non-profit[1] healthcare enterprise with a 17-member board[2], which regulates the enterprise for its members.

The Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is known for its management career and compensation schemes for individual and employer employees. BCBSNJ Horizon draws its story back to 1932, when Associated Hospitals of Essex County, Inc. was founded as a multi-hospital advance payment scheme. It later became the nation's first Blue Cross blueprint.

Headquartered in Newark for many years, the insurance company has occupied 33 Washington Street for many years and now has its own office at Penn Plaza East.

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