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If it comes to maintaining your health, a choice can live well for a lifetime. Humana Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, prescription Part D drug coverage, dental and vision insurance are offered directly. Requesting New Jersey Vision insurance from Humana.


In 2009, the U.S. Department of Health examined Humana for having sent Medicare leaflets to Medicare receivers who had been classified as fraudulent by the AARP. Criticism was also levelled at the company's management career scheme for shortcomings and constraints in terms of ethics. Humana Building in Louisville, Kentucky, is an example of post-modern architectural design by Michael Graves, finished in 1985.

Humana's distribution company, Humana Pharmacy, operates from Phoenix, Arizona and West Chester, Ohio. Humana's call centres are in Cincinnati, Ohio and other areas. The LPGA-gamer Nancy Scranton is a speaker of Humana. 25 ] In the past, PGA tourer David Toms' David Toms Foundation has teamed up with the Humana Foundation to award subsidies to several children's relief organizations in New Orleans.

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