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Unless your private health insurance company has a complete agreement with I-MED Radiology, additional fees may apply while you are in hospital. I' m not wearing glasses and I can see well. What do I need an eye exam for? What are my benefits? How can I find a list of lens and lens option levels?

Most Frequently Asked Queries

The I-MED Radiology Network charges differ according to the kind of exam or method you use. It is recommended that you enquire at the moment you make your appointments or before you come to the hospital about the costs that may be involved in your medical check-up. Which is I-MED's accounting policies?

The I-MED Radiology Network is a privately owned radiology vendor with a privately owned charging policy. There is an I-MED politics to pay all retirees and owners of healthcare cards for the most verifiable procedure in mass settlement. The charges levied by our hospitals are in line with the provision of a high standard clinical imagery system. When making an appointments, the surgery I-MED informs the patient about the costs of their examinations.

There is an extra fee that cannot be claimed from Medicare or your private health insurance if your surgery or emergency room is outside regular surgery times. It would be a pleasure for us if you would pay your full amount on the date of the audit. Medicare can also be submitted in electronic form so that Medicare discounts are transferred to your desired banking area.

How come there's no Medicare discount on my investigation? A number of practices are not covered or financed by the Medicare benefits catalog. For our service you do not have to make any payments to I-MED Radiology, as the Veteran Affairs Department (DVA) covers the costs of your health care.

It is recommended that you consult with the DVA in advance of your advice to review your policy if your DVA is not " golden " to make sure that the service you are offering is suitable. How much does my insurance plan pay? Insurance companies only provide radiological treatment for inpatients. Amount of the insurance sum insured will depend on the respective insurance company and any existing arrangements.

The I-MED Radiology Department is aware that large expenditures can be incurred for treatment and service in hospitals. In order to curb this, I-MED Radiology cuts the costs for clinical imagery per day of admittance (please feel free to email us for the actual upper limit). Notice that this upper limit does not cover image processing service provided outside of regular office working time, image processing service and healthcare supplies not provided by Medicare or a privately funded insurance company.

I-MED encourages patient to contact an I-MED member of the medical staff if there is any difficulty in billing your bank on the delivery date. There may be an extra cost if you need diagnostics outside regular office hour. It is called the "Nachstundenzuschlag" and is charged in supplement to the personal fees of I-MED.

Medicare or your health insurance company is not eligible for this supplement. Reductions with the discount ticket do not count for emergencies outside business time. When you are not sure whether your exam is included, please consult your employers or representative before participating.

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