I Select Health Insurance Comparison

Select health insurance comparison

If you have any questions, we can answer them or help you find the right plan. Request health insurance in Utah from SelectHealth. Use this simple equation to compare plans: Skip to Which plan type should I choose? To help you choose the right health insurance, we understand the confusing language of insurance.

Utah & Idaho Health Insurances

Our fellowship offers planning for all members of our fellowship, from individual and family members to employer. Everything we do is designed to help you administer your health care and lead a healthy lifestyle. Get an individual and family schedule that fits your needs at every step of your lives - bundled with health management features such as our member application, estimate of costs, special line of nurses and health-related rebates.

Administer your health insurance expenses without affecting employee performance. One big business doesn't mean there's one single end-to-end one. Actually, you may need many choices - we'll help you tailor your schedule. Administer your expenses and help your staff without cutting back on extras: state-of-the-art equipment and cost-saving utilities, spa programmes, rebates and more.

We are proud to minister to federal workers and their family. Health insurance is the complete solution - find out more about benefits such as spa benefits, member rebates and more. Find out more about our Medicare Advantage blueprints. Our proud members live in 13 districts of Utah, among them Wasatch, Cache, Salt Lake and Utah. With our Chipping Scheme, we offer cost-effective cover for kids who may not be eligible for other health insurance policies.

Good oral health and good oral health are an important part of your overall health. You' ll find a dentist's office that'll make you smile.


The SelectHealth is a non-profit health insurance fund that serves members in Utah and Idaho. SelectHealth, a wholly owned business of Intermountain HealthcareĀ®, is part of one of the country's leading healthcare integration programs (Modern Healthcare, January 2012).

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