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Health care independence

Detailed information about the training provider Independent Health Care Service Pty Ltd. can be found under My Skills. Healthcare Management, Inc. Independent, proprietary research and investment information. We' ve written and submitted evidence to the Independent Healthcare Commission for North West London.

The opportunities for independent healthcare providers to expand their services have never been greater. The National Independent Healthcare Affiliate Alliance (NIHAA).

An independent health service - Homecare service provider

Our company offers a wide variety of social care for the elderly and disabled in Hobart and its surroundings and in the Launceston area. We have a varied, versatile workforce that consists of registered nurses and domestic workers who provide individual service to help individuals stay at home. It is a supplier of Home Care Packages, NDIS, DVA Patient Care, Veteran Home Care, Care Service, Home and Garden Care and Short-Term Care.

IHCS also provides privately based service through an arrangement with other organizations.

Remuneration - Independent Health Service

We charge our rates to both our costumers and our suppliers who purchase our care and maintenance products. Charges are revised annually and are liable to vary. It is our aim to inform our costumers adequately about changes in our charges. However, cancelations can be made until 4 p.m. on the last working hour of the week preceding the creation of the duty roster without charging the cancelation charge.

Please click on the 2018 Fee Regulations of the Independent Health Care Service (valid from July 23, 2018).

Launceston Independent Health Service Launched

The Independent Health Care Service was founded in 1992 by a small group of registered doctors. ÝHCS provides care, body care, home help and craftsman service to many customers in southern Tasmania and the Launceston and Hobart areas. Programmes offered by EHCS Dienstleistungen comprise DVA care, veteran home care, disability programme, consumer-oriented care and home care packages.

IHCS can also offer privately based service through an arrangement with other organizations. Individual care that helps you around your home and appreciates your decision to stay at home. Service design involves working with you and assisting you in choosing the type of care and service you want, who will be providing these and when.

Hospital care, which includes nurses, related health and therapeutic care facilities such as voice therapies, pediatrics, occupational or physical therapies, which may involve referral to doctors and caregivers.

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