Individual Healthcare Insurance Plans

Customized health insurances

When you take out health insurance, you receive high-quality health insurance. Our plans are all ACA compliant, both on- and off-exchange. Begin planning for the future with the individual health insurance companies today.

Single and family insurances

The Presbyterian's safe on-line patients and members gateway makes it simple for you to administer your and your family's wellbeing. Please insert your user ID Please insert your user ID. Please type in your password. The Presbyterian health plan, Inc. provides insurance that meets both your medical needs and your personal budgets.

Our plans can be divided into four different classes, from full insurance to primary healthcare, depending on how you and the insurance company divide their healthcare bills. Platinum often has the highest monetary bonus and lower expenses for maintenance. Often golden plans have lower monetary bonuses and higher expenses than platinum.

Often they have lower recurring bonuses and higher expenses than gold. Often bronzes have the cheapest monetary bonuses and the highest expenses for nursing work. A disaster recovery program for persons under 30 years of age prevents very high health expenses. Affiliates 18 years and older can make spa benefits by just practicing and sustaining a healthful life style.

Reward yourself by following your everyday activities, getting an influenza vaccination every year, conducting a personal health assessment, or attending on-line training sessions. The standard plan shall include preventative and diagnostical measures, include covering tooth-bite wing radiographs, a full or regular verbal exam, and pediatric or adults' cleansing per year.

Broader dentist insurance is also available for a low per month rate. What is your preferred schedule? Please note: To be covered by medical insurance, you and your dependants must be US residents, US residents or legally resident migrants. See for help.

Personal Health Insurance | Dublin, OH

As well as our staff group plans, we also provide individual medical insurance. Our plans are all conform to our plans, both on and off the stock market. Our focus is on giving you complete oversight over your healthcare choices. These include both ACA-compliant medical insurance and Medicare Supplement Plans.

If required, we can also offer you individual medical insurance at shorter notice. You can register all individual insurance companies on-line.

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