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On behalf of insurance companies, insurance agents sell a large number of insurance policies to customers. The job description template for the insurance agent is optimized for publication on online job boards or career sites and can be easily customized to fit your business. Click here to learn more about how to become a Donegal Insurance Group agency. Please contact your representative to bind or change your insurance coverage. Find the right job as an insurance agent with company valuations and salaries.

Guide to Good Universities

Your start in this profession can be enhanced if you have the necessary skills. Students should consult their selected institute for further information as the courses and requirements may differ from institute to institute.

Entrance conditions may differ, but 10th grade is usually required by the employer.

Career information for insurance agents

Insurance agent assists customers in selecting insurance policy that meets their needs. It may also be referred to as an insurance agent. Customers range from individual persons and familys to enterprises. An agent works for a particular insurance firm and buys only the insurance firm's product, while other agent works independent or for a single agent and buys insurance firm as well.

The insurance categories comprise material, personal, health, invalidity and long-term nursing insurance. Most insurance brokers also offer asset management services such as unit trusts, floating rate bonds and other transferable assets. In 2017, slightly more than 386,320 persons were working as insurance representatives. The majority are freelance brokers working for insurance companies and brokers, while other prisoners are employees of insurance companies.

Insurance agent career opportunities are good. There are some common tasks to be found in on-line advertisements for insurance agent vacancies posted on Indeed. com: "Providing Lead, Scheduling Deadlines, Identifying Customers' Needs and Marketing Appropriate Products" "Closing Transactions with Interested Parties" "Achieving New Manufacturing Targets and Targets as Specified" "Offering Fast, Precise and Kind Customers " "Building Recommended Channel Relationships" "Assisting Distributors in Entering Offers and Renewals" "Being a Teamplayer Who Wants to Be Part of Something Greater Than Just His Job" "Employers Choose to Employ Insurance Graduates, Especially in Finance or Finance.

You might consider employing a high-school graduate who's proved his salesmanship. All states require insurance agencies to be approved. You need to purchase seperate licences for the sale of either your own insurance or your own accident and damage insurance. Most states require commercial representatives to take pre-licensing training and state exams. They must be able to read documentation that describes insurance tools.

Insurers must provide information about the goods they are selling. How you are able to resell a policy will depend on your relationship with other individuals. "Powerful computer knowledge (Outlook, Word, Excel, administration tools, software)" "Enthusiasm for the roles played by insurance and finance tools in the daily life of members" "Have a real readiness to study, intuitiveness and ingenuity and are coaches" "Must be organised, multitasking and efficient" "Must be aggressive/persuasive, a self-starter and able to affect others" "Is this job suitable for you?

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