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The Doctors' Health Fund offers a range of health and travel insurance policies for healthcare professionals and their families. This supplementary insurance also allows you to receive treatment abroad, for example from your family doctor in Germany. Select your health insurance with DKV and start taking care of your health.

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Private Health Insurance Medical Service describes health care coverage and gaps for medical care provided by large medical groups at the state and territorial levels. Private Health Insurance Prostheses provides information on the denture service provided by the large denture categories of the large medical groups on a national and regional level.

Statistical tendencies in private health insurance inform about the development of the number of members and the services provided. Private health insurance's compensation for risks shows the net compensation for risks of the business year for each underwriter. Quarterly private health insurance statistic contains information on the main sector members, usage, performance and finance statistic.

Health insurance entitlements of private individuals to medical device prices exposed

The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) today published a study by German Institute of Technology (PwC) on the effects of possible changes in the prices of medical products on the prosthesis list (PL). These analyses show a $305.7 million gap between private and government prices for medical products. That is significantly less than the completely deceptive $800 million taxpayer's falsified assertion of subsidized private medical insurance.

The overall difference between state and private prices for medical equipment is 15.3%. The cost of prosthetics between the two worlds is influenced by many factors: Private purchases of hospitals are usually made on a one-off basis at a point in case of the surgeon's preferences; the necessary technological manufacturing assistance is significantly higher in the private product segment, e.g. for heart equipment.

For private healthcare, this assistance is largely provided by medical devices firms, while for healthcare these operations are carried out by government agencies. PL makes a significant contribution to the main value offers of private medical insurance (PHI) for consumer in the healthcare industry - the medical product selection.

PL accounts for only 14% of PHI spending on medical coverage in hospitals versus 70% for medical services and 16% for medical services. Said Burgess, directeur général de la Medical Technology Association of Australia, sagte : "The PHI is the only sector in Australia that gets over $6 billion in taxpayer-financed annual grants and guarantees higher prices than higher prices every year.

But apparently the prosthesis checklist is theproble? "Patient should not have any health opportunities that are restricted to them in the name of tax-payer subsidized gains.

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