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The Intermountain Healthcare is a non-profit healthcare system and the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West. The Intermountain Healthcare is a non-profit health care system based in Salt Lake City, Utah, serving Utah and Idaho. Have a look at what it feels like to work at Intermountain Healthcare. The Intermountain is a non-profit association serving Utah and Idaho. At Intermountain Healthcare, we have updated our outdated IT infrastructure to reduce costs and rapidly create and deploy innovative patient services.

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Intermountain promotes lifelong healthcare and recovery. Learn more about patients' reports, online healthcare resources and more in our annual report. Keep up to date, enhance your fitness and find more information in the Intermountain blog. To find wholesome walks, prescriptions and other general healthcare and spa advice, please go to the Intermountain LiveWell website.

Connect- Care Pro Connect our patient with the world-class Intermountain professionals and vendors in the right place, at the right place, at the right moment. Intermountain has received recognition from Intermountain through our achievements in becoming an exemplary healthcare system by offering exceptional healthcare and first-class services at an accessible price.

The Intermountain and several major information processing firms have teamed up to quickly and effectively deliver transformation enabling healthcare solutions to the bed. Intermountain executives should hear and understand what they are saying when they are discussing healthcare issues. Intermountain's drive for better healthcare and higher value for money is the driver behind its dedication to making a real difference to healthcare across the state.


The Intermountain Healthcare Company was established on April 1, 1975." Before Intermountain, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ran many of the region's health clinics through its health department. In 1974 the church resolved to stop operating the hospital and donated its fifteen hospital facilities as a system to the mountain town.

4 ] The churches did so on the understanding that a non-profit organisation would be established to run the clinics on name of the parishes it ministered to. Intermountain Healthcare Executive Committee members have been non-paid voluntary workers since its foundation. Fundraising took place via the debt markets, and within a few years several other clinics asked to join the Intermountain organisation.

Intermountain's position in the Utah healthcare sector (about 45 per cent of Utah's total bed market) has been stable since the company was founded. Intermountain Healthcare began to provide outpatient care such as clinical and home care in 1982. From 1982 to 1990, four more medical facilities were added. Intermountain was awarded the Healthcare Forum/Witt prize in 1991.

Intermountain Healthcare was divided into three large groups in the mid-1990s: hospital, doctors and insurance companies. Intermountain was the medical service provider for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002. United States Intermountain Healthcare, Inc. Intermountain introduced a new corporate identity in 2005 and slightly modified the way the Intermountain name was spelled from Intermountain to Intermountain Healthcare.

It was the aim to mirror the more commonly used way of writing "health" today. "Until then Intermountain was known under the name "IHC", which was also stopped with the name modification. The Intermountain was sometimes reviewed by the Utah State Legislature because the Utah Medical Association has charitable purposes and owns 21 of the 60 Utah medical facilities.

Submissions by competing companies to oblige Intermountain to divest either the company's insurer parts or its hospitals were, however, unsuccessful. The Utah State Legislature commissioned an external research firm in 2005 to audit Utah's healthcare market. Whilst the independents did not tackle all of Utah's healthcare sector issues, the research concluded that "there is substantial proof that Utah's healthcare market is competitive.

There is no need for the Utah Parliament to intervene to encourage competitiveness in these sectors. "Suggesting that no further regulation of the Utah healthcare market should be adopted, the six-month survey told the Utah Parliament: "Competitive healthcare market is more likely to be damaged than supported by regulation. At Intermountain Healthcare we operate 22 Utah and Idaho hospitals,[14] with 2,781 licenced hospital bed units, as shown in the following table:

The Cottonwood Hospital - Murray, Utah - shut on October 29, 2007, on the occasion of the opening of the Intermountain Medical Center. The Intermountain Life Flight is Intermountain Healthcare's ambulatory care division that provides rescue aviation and non-emergency care for casualties, particularly in isolated areas, as well as situations where timing is crucial.

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