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If you need a health, travel, life, student or group insurance, we have the coverage for you. The HCI is the insurance company that takes care of expats. Because of the almost universal desire for safe and high-quality health care, interest in international health accreditation is growing. Our combination of English language courses and healthcare degrees is known as the International Health Care School (IHS). International health insurance covers all your needs.

Dependable medical care

Headquartered in London, HCI is a privately owned health insurer that has specialised in the international health care business for more than 15 years. Expatriates of all nations, no matter where in the globe they are now at home, are covered by health insurances. Happy birthday, you've come to the right place because HCI provides a tailor-made Students Health Care plan that covers all your needs in the field of Students Health Care.

No matter whether you have an international pupil studying abroad in the UK or are already an international pupil at a local secondary education institution, UK institution or higher education institution, you really need health, travelling and non-life cover for your pupils. Employing off-shore workers, you have a responsibility to make sure they are safe - and always have the best healthcare available in the event of an anomaly.

It is part of your employer's responsibility and the good thing is that HCI can help you if you choose when it is right to take out group employee insure. Proud to be in London, one of the largest and most cosmopolitan towns in the globe and the place where the contemporary insurances are born.

Working proactively with universities, clinics, medical centers, law and health practitioners across the UK, we aim to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and effective health protection wherever they are in the UK. London also has a large expat communities, of course, and some of these expatriates have found jobs at HCI alongside their counterparts locally.

Probably you purchased your health cover because of the tranquility it offers, but were hoping that you would never have to use it. However, if the unforeseen happens, asserting an insured right is the real thing - will your policies keep you as protected as you'd like?

A complaint means that something has occurred that you probably did not want - a health condition that requires a rapid reaction. At HCI, we know that our loss handling processes are probably the most important interactions you'll likely have with us. The health cover loss adjustment procedure is developed to help alleviate the stresses that arise when you have to make a loss if you don't feel comfortable.

Our aim is to take care of the cost of your health care and concentrate on getting you well again. Our primary public is the exhibit scene and we like to take good care of it. The HCI offers a great cover for expats. Then we can provide you with outstanding health cover for expats and aliens at very favourable conditions.

You must take out your international health cover as soon as possible if you are living and working abroad. Unfortunate or ill health can happen at any moment and access to the best healthcare can be both hard and costly if you don't have the best international health coverage.

Don't let the unanticipated spoil your exhibit lifetime experiences. For this reason, in addition to international health coverage, HCI also offers international expatriate health coverage for expatriates who wish to move further away or return home. Our main advantage as a worldwide expatriate insurer is that we can offer coverage anywhere in the globe where you live.

We have a globally networked services organization that offers insurances in an international environment, regardless of your country or present geography. It is our business to offer international healthcare at reasonable prices and a number of other benefits for the international population. From international health coverage to personal travels and personal accident coverage, whatever your unique needs, we have the scale to make sure you get the coverage you need, wherever you are in the globe.

When you are the leader of the household, you may see things differently from other underwriters. While some owners have a tendency to think for themselves, adults may be more interested in taking out child benefits to cover the entire range of families. When you and your loved ones live abroad as expatriates, we provide health cover for each member of your loved ones.

In order to guarantee the safety and health of your beloved ones, insurances for your living and your personal expenses are an adequate provision for every expatriate. We have the best possible personal trip plans, even if you often come together, plus child trip plans. Administrate the vacation policy for the whole familiy in one step and prevent problems.

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