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The International Travel Insurance Group offers global health and travel insurance for expatriates, international travellers and travel abroad. Travel Insurance | International Travel Insurance Planing a foreign tour is challenging, but before you even think about getting out, make sure you are insured with the right international insurance. Ranging from a losing board to a severe case of Balibauch, even seasoned travelers can encounter difficulties abroad. International traveller insurance can help here.

Consider it a universal contingency policy. lt may be used to detect a delay, a flight cancellation or a camera theft. You may even be rewarded for taking you home in an ambulance or for reimbursing the costs of your journey, according to the extent of coverage. The most important thing you can do on your journey is to have your own insurance policy - hopefully you don't need it, but you'll be very happy it's there when you do.

The most important reasons for taking out insurance can be the need for good medicine. You are not covered by your normal insurance if you become ill or hurt abroad, and your healthcare bill can be created in no time at all. If you choose international trip insurance, look for a policy that offers a high or limitless amount of healthcare abroad along with a special contingency rescue program that covers repatriation to Australia.

Unfortunately, as many travelers have learnt the tough way, you never know when to go to the next health center or when to fly home for care. Like always, make sure that you specify any pre-existing medical condition, include gestation, and review your insurance policies in detail to see what is being covered.

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It is our business to inform the consumer about the value of insurance while at the same time giving them a way to explore, benchmark and buy a plan to move abroad or make an international itinerary. Our work includes ex-patriates, HR, volunteer groups, tour operators, international staff, expats, missions and anyone else who travels the globe.

Our website enables us to provide some of the best international healthcare, touring medicine, group and touring insurance coverage for individuals from around the globe.

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