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An international health insurance policy tailored to your needs. IMG's leading international health insurance plan, Global Medical Insurance, allows you to create a plan specifically tailored to your needs. International health insurance is one solution. IMG has been providing health insurance to individuals, families and groups living or travelling abroad for more than a decade. Many expats think that the travel health insurance has the same medical protection.

Differences between international medical insurance and international travelling insurance - About us

No matter whether you take a much-needed rest as a vacationer or move abroad as an ex-pat for professional or private reason, you need to prepare for how you will be cared for if you need medical help. This paper highlights a number of important distinctions between international insurance and international medical insurance and suggests some important reflections before we move or move abroad.

For many, the distinction between international medical insurance and personal insurance is a cause of disorientation. While both are meant for persons planning a stay abroad, the amount of coverage and the destination of each scheme vary considerably. The international sickness insurance is meant to provide full protection for those who move from their home countries for a longer term, while the travelling insurance is aimed at offering accident insurance while you are in another countries for a while.

Whats a trip insurance? Reiseversicherung was developed to insure you for journeys of finite durations. This is for vacationers and short-term overseas travels and provides relief from travel-related questions such as: A lot of folks believe that having insurance for travelling abroad is a good way to protect themselves, but they are not conscious of their limits.

With regard to medical protection, your insurance is designed to take over short-term medical emergencies within the scope you specify. If necessary, your insurance does not include long-term medical care. As a rule, you will be asked to come back to your home county to resume your medical care as soon as you are able to do so.

The insurance coverage expires as soon as you return to your home state. Whats international medical insurance? The international medical insurance is intended for people who live or work abroad for a longer term. Covering treatments for both emergencies and routines, it offers expatriates freedom of physician and care setting choices with the option of being treated anywhere in their area.

International medical insurance is necessary for those who move or reside abroad and wish to receive full medical treatment in their home county and in other counties where they frequently do so. If you experience a medical emergency or even routinely receive medical treatment in a state where you are unfamiliar with the healthcare system and do not know the local dialect, international medical insurance will make sure you receive the medical treatment you need.

The international medical insurance coverage may vary according to the chosen tariff, but often includes: All our stock schedules are built modularly so that you can select the coverage combinations that best suit you and your needs. With the flexibility of these schemes, they can be customized to your unique needs so that the right insurance coverage mix is more affordable for you and your ancestors.

Kernel plans and excesses in the outpatient sector provide the possibility of reducing premium rates, as does carefully weighing up the coverage area. If you do not have foreign medical insurance, you may have to pay high medical bills. It is important to consider your choices before travelling abroad and make sure you have appropriate medical insurance you can depend on.

If you have the right coverage, you can be sure that the medical needs of you and your loved ones will be taken into account. To request a quotation for international medical insurance, please click on the following links..... International Medical Insurance Individual OfferFor those who wish to take out international medical insurance for their staff, please click on the following hyperlink.....

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