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The insured person, however, bears part of the costs up to a maximum that may vary depending on the plan, and the premiums are then adjusted accordingly. Need private health insurance for your visitor visa? Australasia is a beautiful and beloved tourist destination. The last thing you think about is how you would get your medical insurance if you needed it, with unspoilt sandy shores, intriguing fauna and lots of fun in the great outdoors! It is important, as with all international trips, that you are safe from sickness or accidents when travelling to Australia.

If you''re travelling to Australia on a non-working or tourism permit, find out what you're eligible for, what you need and what to look out for when buying medical insurance. Part of the determinant of the medical insurance coverage you need is the kind of visitors visa you have.

We have six different types of visas for visitors to Australia: Electronical travel agency: For example, you can come to Australia for private or commercial purposes, such as to attend a conference or exhibition, but you cannot work here. Within a year you can pay as many visits as you like and remain up to three month per visits. eVisitor:

In this way you can come as a visitor or for volunteer work and remain up to three month at a stretch within 12 month. They cannot work profitably with this type of visas, but some volunteer activities may be permitted. A transit visa: Allowing you and all dependant infants to transit Australia for no more than 72 hrs on their way to another country.

Visit visa: Every type of passport has different terms according to your specificities. Working and vacation visa/ Working vacation visa: Both are designed for young Australians between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to spend up to one year in Australia on vacation and work. What are the minimum terms of medical insurance for visiting physicians? Various kinds of Visas have different medical insurance needs, so it is important that you verify this before your trip.

Medical insurance is necessary to obtain a visitors permit of any kind if your home does not have a reciprocal agreement with Australia. A number of jurisdictions have reciprocal healthcare agreements with Australia. Citizens of any of these jurisdictions may be eligible for medical emergencies when you visit Australia under the Medicare system.

Contact Medicare to validate all qualifying requirements. Medicare can, however, only take over any therapy that is considered necessary in an absolute necessity. Every other type of care you need is your own personal choice and can be very expensive. With no foreign visitors medical insurance, you could find yourself hundreds of millions of dollars out of your pockets.

Visitors' medical insurance benefits differ depending on the provider and policy; at Bupa you can select between pure medical benefits and hospitals with extra benefits. Even if you need an evacuation service from our recognized provider, we 100% covers you. If you need to visit a doctor, physician, chiropractor or eye specialist during your visit, our extra pack can help you recover the costs of other procedures provided, for example, subject to waits, funds regulations and seasonal restrictions.

If you have a medical problem that requires continuous care, you may not be insured for the care that you agreed before you arrived in Australia. Warrants are the minimal amount of qualifying period you need to complete your insurance before it covers all medical costs. It is important to do your research before you go on a trip.

Review the conditions of your visas and make sure you choose the insurance that best suits your particular situation. It will give you the confidence that you can fully experience your Australian experience.

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