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The Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (KFHP) work with employers, employees and individual members to provide prepaid health insurance and insurance. Ongoing Medical Groups are medical organizations that ensure and organize medical care for members of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan in the respective region. At Kaiser Permanente, your health plan is more than just a safeguard - it's a healthcare partnership. Emperor Permanente is a non-profit, group-based health plan based in Oakland, California. At Epic Care, we are looking for a full-time authorization specialist to support our dedicated team of healthcare providers in oncology.

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Kaiser Permanente, everything we do revolves around you. Being a member allows you to work with your family doctor to create an individual health planning that focuses on well-being and disease control and helps you reach your health outcomes. You also have privileged membership programmes to help you keep in shape, keep in shape and enjoy life.

Emperor Permanente consists of the health plans of the Emperor Foundation, the hospitals of the Emperor Foundation and the Permanent Medical Groups. Kaiser Permanente, the United States' biggest charitable health care program, has 8.7 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia.

We are an integrative health system, i.e. we deliver and co-ordinate the full range of health services for our members: Emperor Permanente provides personal and group insurance for people who: self-employed people who work for a business that does not have a group policy, students or graduates, the elderly or not in their parents' plans, between positions, awaiting the start of an employer's group insurance, a part-time worker who is not considered for group insurance, or early retirement.

These are just a few of the benefits Kaiser Permanente has to offer its members: With our health system in place, our physicians, nursing staff, chemists and other healthcare workers are all committed to one objective - the well-being of our people. Because the health plan is incorporated into healthcare through our clinics and practices, our physicians are able to work with you on important healthcare choices without having to limit themselves to an external policy makers, such as an independent insurer, to approve - or deny - healthcare.

Emperor Permanente is a non-profit, group-based health program based in Oakland, California. Emperor Permanente strives to be the global health improvement champion through high-quality, holistic healthcare. At Kaiser Permanente, we are known for our commitment to a high level of community involvement, the responsibilities of our doctors for healthcare, and a long-lasting relationship between the health program and our health groups: Baltimore, North Virginia, Washington, D.C.: At Kaiser Permanente, Spanish-speaking support staff are available to members, as are field staff with licenses for potential members.

Multilingualism is also often present in our practices.

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