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Purchasing high-quality term life insurance is more affordable than you think. Whole life insurance never expires and in most cases the premium does not increase over the life of the insurance. The term life insurance is the simplest form of protection. Life-insurance prices depend a lot on your age, your general health, and the type of policy you buy. Have a closer look at term life insurance to learn more about the different types and get a quick quote online.

What does life insurance cost?

No matter whether you work on a building site, in a storehouse, a shop, a cafe, an administrative cell or a corner shop, life insurance can give you and your dear ones security if something happens to you. Review your life insurance premium history against the 2017 industry standard on the basis of Canstar experts' assessments and analyses.

How much does a life insurance policy costs? Depending on whether you decide to purchase a life insurance policy directly from the insurance company or through a finance advisor. The following are other explanatory elements that have an impact on the costs of life insurance premium. Premium levels remained largely unchanged last year, and non-smokers can count on the following life insurance premium levels in 2017.

In the following chart, the better the Canstar stars score, the lower the insurance premiums: 2017 Canstar Direct Life Insurance Awards and Ratings. Underlying $500,000 policy collateral for Canstar valued 2017 policy. When it looks like you are overpaying for a life insurance policy, or you think you are not getting enough insurance to pay for your premium, it may be worth choosing a better offer.

In a recent poll of more than 1,000 individuals conducted by one of our two Outstanding Value Direct Life Award winner NobleOak, 83% of our clients said pricing was their most important decision making tool when purchasing life insurance. Indeed, lower premium rates were the primary cause of consumer switching to a new life insurance product (36%).

Obviously, as we have already said, the prize is not everything, and other factors that led the consumer to identify the change of policy were better product (18%) and better customer care (6.9%). Below is a selection of our policy ranked by our highest rating (star rating) available in the Canstar databank for a 30-year-old man in a non-smoking profession.

How do life insurance premium rates work? Your amount paid in life insurance premium may vary depending on the coverage you take out, your nature, your sex, your health condition and your life style. You can influence the life insurance premium by: What can you do to make a life insurance policy less expensive?

Even hazardous professions or hazardous hobby are a banner of risk for insurance companies. The avoidance of life-style decisions that are considered "risky" by insurance companies can make up a large part of your total life insurance directly paid per month. Even if you don't want to stop working in an underground mine or relaxing with free style mountaineering, there are other, relatively more everyday things you can do to lower your insurance rates.

First, if you're a cigarette user, there's never been a better moment to stop! Stop quitting and you could dramatically cut back, as you can see in the chart below, how much you are paying in life insurance premium. 2017 Canstar Direct Life Insurance Star Ratings and Awards. Underlying $500,000 coverage for Canstar valued 2017 policy.

Rewards for men smoking in the 1940s or early 1950s are on aggregate more than twice as high as those for men of the same ages who do not smok. When you were a cigarette user when you registered for life insurance and have since stopped, stop looking for your smoking moneys.

On the basis of this chart, a woman of 30-39 years of age works in a retailing occupational group and is a non-smoker. You can sort the spreadsheet by asterisks (from top to bottom). When you need help quitting and exiting the programme, the government's Quitline programme is considered very effective.

Your My QuitBuddy application (available on Apple, Android or Windows phones and tablets) is a personalized assistant that will help you achieve your objectives, keep up with your progression, and keep your spirits up. Mothers can even downlaod an application to help them stop quitting tobacco, named For You: Quit: Exit for two, on Apple iPhone, iPad or Android phones.

For those who cannot stop quitting by taking out a cheap life insurance policy, visit the Quitline and Cancer Institute of the NSW iCanQuit Calculator. Stop now and see how the money goes into your bank accounts - and stick around! Naturally, there is so much more to life insurance than just getting the best deal - and that is why Canstar is here.

Our goal is to help Australians get the best possible cover and insurance policies at an accessible price. What do you need to know about life insurance in 2017? You can find out by looking at the remainder of our 2017 Direct Life Insurance Star Ratings report: With your registration you declare that you are in agreement with Canstar's data protection declaration.

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