Major Medical Insurance Companies List

List of the most important medical insurance companies

Such plans are intended to protect you from the costs of serious accidents or illnesses. Which are the largest, best, safest and most reliable health insurance carriers in the USA? The benefits listed apply per insured person and insurance period. One of the leading government agencies for affordable healthcare, we represent all major corporations. By chance, Future Generali India Insurance, ICICI Lombard and National Insurance Company Limited are some of the largest providers of health insurance services.

Casualty and health insurances

A list of the world's leading casualty and medical insurance companies, ranked by their importance with company logo where available. The list of major casualty and medical insurance companies comprises the major and most lucrative casualty and medical insurance companies, groups, agents, vendors and companies in the globe. When you wonder what the major casualty and medical insurance companies are, this list covers you.

The list contains the best-known casualty and medical insurance companies in the business, so if you're considering working in the casualty and medical insurance business, you might want to look for a job with these companies. The list contains the name of small and large casualty and medical insurance companies.

The List consists of many different companies, among them Aon plc and Aflac. The list will answer the following questions: "What are the world's largest personal accident and medical insurance companies" and "What are the most effective personal accident and medical insurance companies?

5 largest Russian insurance companies

Russia's insurance landscape is led by comprehensive insurance companies that offer a range of private and corporate classes of business. By 2017, the last year for which sector statistics are available, the five largest insurance companies in Russia had 51. 6 percent of overall premium income booked in all markets.

Whilst the markets remain highly competetive, sector analysis experts and insurance experts in Russia anticipate that these leading position markets will remain in the lead. The list presents the major companies on the marked, sorted by 2016 premium income. RGS (Rosgosstrakh) is Russia's leading insurance provider with a total premium income of over 15% in 2016.

More than 90 years of experience at FGS goes back to Gosstrakh, the Soviets' insurance empire. Today, we offer a broad range of insurance solutions, covering private and commercial building insurance, public and commercial third party insurance, health insurance and general insurance. More than 100,000 people are employed by the enterprise, among them about 35,000 people and 65,000 representatives.

There is a total of nearly $2.44 billion in free float. The Sogaz Insurance Group was founded in 1993 and quickly became the second biggest insurance group in Russia. The Group' s affiliates recorded consolidated total premium income in 2016, resulting in a 12.5% segment break-even. The Sogaz Insurance Group provides private persons and corporate clients with several hundred different insurance options.

The Group' s biggest fields of activity include endowment insurance, motor insurance, optional medical insurance and private and commercial building insurance. Employing almost 12,000 staff, the enterprise is a global leader in its field. Russia's power utility group, GaProm, has a significant interest in Sogaz. The Rossiya Bank, the Volga Group and other economic units also own shares in the Group.

The Ingosstrakh insurance is another full-service insurance provider with a wide range of offers for private and corporate clients. In 2016 it conquered 8.2% of the insurance markets in Russia. Almost half of the company's premium income was attributable to non-life insurance underwriting. Bodily injuries insurance and car insurance also make up a large part of the deal.

It also has subsidiaries in China, India, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. AlphaStrakhovanie Group contributed about 7.9% of the total volume of the Russia sales volume. More than 100 different kinds of insurance are offered to consumer and business, among them general, medical, life insurance and third party insurance policies. In addition, it provides tailor-made insurance solutions for business clients with sophisticated insurance needs.

AlphaStrakhovanie Group is a fully consolidated affiliate of Solarview Group. Reso was established in 1991 and has continuously increased its shares of the markets over the years in order to consolidate its leading role among Russia's insurance companies. More than 100 types of personal and corporate insurance are offered. The main product lines are non-life insurance, car insurance, travelling insurance and mortgages insurance.

Most of the rest of the business is owned by start-ups and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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