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Purchase Massachusetts health insurance online. Choose the type of health insurance you want. You can apply for MassHealth by post, online or by telephone. Here, MassHealth members can extend the benefits of the affordable health insurance programs of the BMC HealthNet Plan. Massachusetts Medicaid program is MassHealth.

Entitlement to health services for MassHealth, the Health Safety Net and the Children's Medical Security Plan.

Find out more about how to submit your application to MassHealth, the Health Safety Net, the Children's Medical Security Plan, for senior citizens or people in need of nursing treatment. They must be Massachusetts residents to receive MassHealth or other health services financed by the Commonwealth. They fulfill the residence requirement if:

Failure to comply with the MassHealth residence regulations when you visit Massachusetts: In order to obtain the best possible cover for MassHealth, Health Safety Net or Children's Medical Security Plan, your nationality or your acceptable immigrant background must be checked. Mass-Health may match information with state and state authorities. More information on U.S. nationality and migration regulations can be found in the Membership Brochure for Health and Dentistry and Support with Costing.

They must be able to apply for MassHealth, the Health Safety Net or the Children's Medical Security Plan. MassHealth will be considered to establish whether you comply with the pecuniary requirements: See our Programme Finance Guidelines for Specific MassHealth Candidates and Members for more information. MasseHealth provides different kinds of insurance depending on whether you are or not:

Where this information does not cover you, please refer to the information on entitlement for those aged 65 and over and those who require long-term nursing benefits.

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Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Programme (CHIP) in Massachusetts are merged into a single programme known as MassHealth. Members of MassHealth can take advantage of doctor appointments, prescriptions, hospitalization and many other important benefits. Here you will find information on how to apply for MassHealth, the Health Safety Net and the Children's Medical Security Plan.

MassachusettsHealth can offer health and oral insurance for individual persons, family members and persons with a disability. Browse our website to find out more about MassHealth and related programmes. Members of MassHealth have privileged acces to a variety of health facilities, ressources and outreaches. Find out here what health insurance possibilities there are or find a supplier or a clinic.

Find out more about MassHealth's on-going effort to transform the way healthcare is delivered in Massachusetts, its numerous programmes and campaigns to increase accessibility to good healthcare, information for healthcare professionals to become a MassHealth healthcare professional, and on-line service accessibility for mass healthcare professionals. Terms of admission (both topical and proposed), application form and other important MassHealth and EOHHS publication using the link below.

If you click on the link below, you will find important information such as how to get in touch with MassHealth and how to get other MassHealth ressources.

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