Medical Care

Health care

Professional medical advice from first class Australian doctors. Dialysis and the treatment of kidney disease & failure, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Childbirth months continue to bring the medical challenges of colds, scratches and bruises and other minor emergencies. Bond University Medical Clinic is a service for currently enrolled students and staff of Bond University.

Barnard Medical Center combines medical care with the latest advances in prevention and nutrition to create a health plan designed specifically for you.

Health care

The National Institute on Minority Health and the Health Disparity (NIMHD) is promoting a complementary approach to medical care entitled "Addressing Health Disparities through the Utlization of Health Information Technology". Genuine research focusing on healthcare information technology (e.g. eHealth Files, Individual Medical Files, ePrescriptions, Mobile Technology ) and the sciences of comprehension and improvement of minorities' healthcare and reduction of healthcare inequalities will be called.

Research must concentrate on one or more minorities or differences in healthcare (i.e. African Americans/Black people, Hispanos/Latinos, American Indians/Alaska Indians, Asians, Hawaiians and other Pacific islanders, socio-economically deprived groups, under-served peasant groups and sex and/or sex minorities). Particular attention will be given to innovation intervention and deployment research in clinics or community environments using healthcare information technologies (IT) and/or novel methods (e.g. Internet-based measurements) to mitigate inequalities and to enhance healthcare outcomes (e.g. bio-medical or behavioural outcomes, or QoL).

An example of a medical care document on the subject of differences in healthcare and healthcare IT can be found here.

Healthcare Australia

ACN Medical Tourism Australia Pty Ltd (trading as Medical Care Australia ('MCA')): Before accepting our performances, the customer confirms that he has been notified of the following points: Every service provided by a clinic or hospital is the sole and exclusive responsability of the medical practitioner who is a member of it.

Medical facilities perform their duties on their own merits. Certain of these provisions may restrict or eliminate the liability of healthcare institutions to their customers in whole or in part. MCA is not responsible for any documents obtained from or agreed to by the health care facilities.

"Customer " means anyone who records, purchases, books or orders any or all of the Website Products orervices. "The "' Service" means all activities provided on the Website. Enquiries regarding the provided MCA website must be made online. Every customer of the website who does not have a customer number must go through the normal enrolment process in order to receive one.

That number is completely private. However, the on-line availability of a credential number and the subsequent definitive validation of the service requirement is always worthwhile as proof of the whole order. If it is not possible to prepare an individual offer on the basis of the information provided (including medical information), the customer will be informed accordingly.

MCA's support cannot be provided until the offer has been approved, date and initialled by the customer. At MCA, we offer the following range of products and more: - services: "The Medical Care Package" - connection with the medical centre, meetings with the customer upon arriving at the aerodrome or train stations and support throughout the entire period of hospitalisation. "Medicinal Tourism Package" link to the infirmary.

Meet with the customer upon arriving at the airports or train stations and provide support throughout the entire period of hospitalization. On demand we offer our own convcierge service: On line at the opening of the accounts (registration), by means of your payment order (Visa, Mastercard, American Express); by means of payment by wire transfers to cover the full amount of the fee. 40 per cent of the amounts due are to be payed to MCA at the moment of confirming the performance.

Payment of the remainder of 60% of the amount due to MCA and the hospital must be made no later than two working days before the date fixed for the medical work. Each termination of this arrangement by the customer leads to the following result: If the Customer cancels more than 15 calendar days prior to the date specified for the Customer's administration in Australia, the amount payable (40% of the aggregate amount) will not be reimbursed.

Customers confirm that they have been notified that, in the event of MCA cancelling their order, in particular due to imprecision or failure to provide material information not related to their state of health or state of repair (in particular when completing the pre-diagnosis form), the provisions of this section shall prevail. The MCA cannot guarantee the privacy and safety of information transferred over the web.

Privacy of exchange between patients, surgeries and clinics is ensured by an encrypted system for collecting and saving information. Authorized individuals only have privileged rights to medical information about the patients. The MCA has the right to gather information about the customer, which remains private and will not be shared with third people.

MCA does not under any circumstance interfere with the provision of medical services via its website, nor can MCA be asked to reimburse any amounts that have been provided to one or more healthcare institutions or to a physician. If, for any cause, a healthcare institution or physician does not meet its responsibilities, or does so only inadequately, it is the healthcare institution or physician who is in charge of the resolution (if possible).

If MCA does not interfere with the physician's or healthcare provider's decision, such decision is the patients own personal decision, and MCA shall not be held accountable for any such decision and shall not be held accountable for any actions, error, omission, undertaking, guarantee, negligence omission or violation of contract by any healthcare provider, physician or other persons associated with healthcare institutions or healthcare provider.

Customer recognizes that any medical, cosmetic, medical, surgical or other benefit may pose a hazard and: Received or was counselled by MCA on the need to obtain the assistance of an impartial and competent physician. In no event has MCA given any advise or views which a sensible individual may consider to be medical ( inclusive, but not restricted to, medical service or diagnostic operation related hazards or side effects).

MCA cannot be made liable for the services of healthcare institutions or physicians even if MCA has provided information about healthcare institutions. The MCA website, whether visually or acoustically, incorporating the technologies on which it is based, is copyrighted. Any customer who has a private website and who wants to set a shortcut to MCA on his website for his own use must obtain MCA's prior permission in writing.

You will provide a service to you in connection with your sale to the Group, which may include a service related to your state of health such as [ provision of diagnostic and/or therapeutic plans ]; enable you to use the Group' s offered service, which may include the Group' s website, and if necessary get in touch with you (whether by SMS, e-mail or otherwise); deal with any queries you may have made;

Maintaining and keeping up-to-date information; statistically analysing; administering or operating matters; preparing returns; handling credits and reimbursements; collecting duties, taxes and expenditure on rendered service; verifying and identifying; disclosing to accountants the accounts, documentation, records and information (in paper or electronic form) concerned in order to prepare annual accounts.

Your right to receive your own personally identifiable information held or controlled by the Group and information about the manner in which the personally identifiable information has been or may be used or shared within one year prior to the date of the inquiry is granted. Section 3 provides that if an APP company declines to rectify a person's personally identifiable information at the person's insistence, the company must send the person a letter containing: all other information required by the provisions of the Privacy Act.

APP' s The grounds for rejection should indicate, where appropriate, that the necessary corrective action to the personally identifiable information sought is not appropriate in the given circumstance. APP' s - An APP company is not obliged to state its grounds for not correcting personally identifiable information if this would be unacceptable.

APP' s - Other information may also be incorporated in the indication that a person is advised that a rectification inquiry has been rejected. APP unit to link a declaration to the person-related information (see sections 13.59-13.62). If you have reviewed and understand the provisions of this Privacy Policy and by continued to use our service, you hereby agree to the Group' s acquisition, use and disclosures of your personally identifiable information (including medical sensitivities) as described above.

It is often used to make web sites work or work more effectively, and to make information available to the site owner. We may use analytical cookie information from Medical Care Australia ("MCA") and its suppliers to gather information about your use of our website. MCA collects cookie information to enable it to offer a better user Experience, measure the number of participants, analyze user behavior, and evaluate features.

We use Google Analytics, a technology that transfers web site traffic information to Google's server in the United States. Analytics does not personally identify any user and does not link your Internet Protocol (IP) address to any other information Google stores. Google Analytics uses Google Analytics to help us better understand website activity and use.

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