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SHI & Network Types: The Affordable Care Act is available on You finally ready to switch to health insurance? And if you still need help, visit the health care system. gov to see what other options are available.

Should you be unsure about your rights and would like to check this before treatment, contact a national health contact point.

Spitalschutz | Health Insurance

With HCI, you are insured without exclusion, restriction or restriction, you can be sure that when you go to HCI, you and your medical costs are over. Until 100% of the costs for surgical implants (according to the federal government's list). Until 100% of the costs of most prescription medicines in hospitals related to reception.

_GO ( Except for the information on the Hospitals Agreement). Additional amenities beyond the scope of the clinical care curriculum. Inpatient care where the provided medical care is not Medicare. Medicinal gap. Medicinal care in doctor's rooms outside the infirmary. It is important to recall that Medicare, as a citizen of Australia, provides care in the government hospitals and emergencies usually go to a government intensive care wards.

HCI Krankenhausversicherung allows you as a privately insured person to go to a municipal clinic. It is possible to select your physician and have a room at your disposal. However, it is important to check the cost with your physician before starting your therapy as it can be very expensive. HCI will not pay if your physician levies additional costs over and above the CMBS-charge.

The HCI health insurance gives you full acces of the privat Krankenhaus to immediate benefits, a physician of your choice at a favourable moment without delays. If you need specialized care at the clinic, your physician can use HCI's Acces Gap Covers - a much easier accounting system to remove costs from your pockets or let you know exactly what you need to prepay.

Don't forget to ask your doctor: Are you going to cover me under Access Gap Cover? If so, will assistant physicians also use Access Gap Cover and how can I get a quotation for their work? Covering gaps and surgical implants: Chirurgically transplanted dentures are sometimes necessary during a medical intervention, such as a spare eye lense for eye operation, an artifical pelvic union, a cardiac pace maker or a cardiac flap.

In medical interventions undertaken by Medicare HCI, the costs of at least one prosthesis are fully reimbursed - this is known as a "no gap" prosthesis. Check the checklist with your physician before use. The higher the bonus, the lower the bonus.

We do not charge extra for our services, you only have to cover your deductible (if applicable).

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