Medical Health Insurance for Family

Health insurance for the family

Familial health insurance provides protection for the entire health care coverage is one of the most important choices you make. Levels vary depending on how much of your medical expenses a plan pays on average. Comprehensive maternity insurance for couples who are planning a family. Please include additional family information if there is not enough space. Yearly travel health insurance for individuals, families and groups.

Defense Family Health Services : Family

Ministry of Defence

National ADF Family Health Programme is available to all accredited ADF carers, regardless of where you reside. Affiliates of ADF members who are recognized by the ADF have free primary health-care access. Family-related health benefits can be refunded for family doctor appointments, all Medicare approved benefits and a number of related health benefits such as dentistry, optmometry and physical therapy.

Information on procuring healthcare at a new site can be found by using the Find a GP website of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. If you move, we also offer support in accessing our service for relatives with specific needs. Personal health insurance can help you cover the cost of healthcare benefits such as medical consultations, hospital stays, patient transportation, oral health and other related healthcare bills.

There is also an e-brochure available named Insure that describes how Medicare and personal health insurance work. We have two privately owned health insurance policies that specialize in the insurance of defense families: Defense health and marine health (not limited to marine members). Defense offers free health care to all ADF members, both on and off the ground.

These include medical and dentistry treatments, psychiatric care, patient transportation and hospitalization. In the event that the member of the Association chooses to use health care outside the defence service, which may include cosmetics, it shall bear the costs itself and inform the health personnel of the Association. Medicare members do not need a Medicare membership to gain admission to defense health care and do not have to foot the Medicare fee.

However, some members opt for a Medicare membership Card or personal health insurance if they use non-defense health care outside the defense. Health care is provided by the various Exercise and Operation Departments and by the Joint Health Command outside surgery, as well as at grassroots level. When an ADF member needs emergency medical attention when not at work, they should call 1800 IM SICK (1800 467 425).

IM SICK is a toll-free, hour-long line of telephone support that allows ADF staff to talk about health issues over the telephone and get immediate guidance on where to go for appropriate examinations and treatments. Do not use this number as a replacement for the Triple Zero SOS.

When an ADF member is hospitalized due to a serious medical condition or wound, a family member or loved one can obtain funding to attend and assist them.

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