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Gesundheitspläne, which were developed for all circumstances. Medical insurance search made easy. Check the box. To receive an immediate quote for health insurance, click on one of the following buttons. Our all affordable nursing care law health plans are available on health care.

gov. Such plans provide access to a wide range of healthcare providers.

Health Insurance in Singapore

With our award-winning staff of seasoned and highly skilled consultants, we can help you explore the Singapore health insurance industry to find the best solutions for your move or trip to Singapore. We have also produced this manual to help you learn the fundamentals of Singapore's health care system, both publicly and privately.

Singapur is a small urban state with about 5 inhabitants. Four million individuals, all of whom enjoy a busy business environment, a contemporary lifestyle and outstanding health services, both publicly and privately. Bloomberg leads the health industry to the top of the global rankings and is one of the most loved medical tourist attractions in Asia.

Singapore's health system is financed by the Singapore governments and provides access to health and medical facilities for all people. There are eight state-run health centres, among them a women's clinic and a children's clinic, offering in-patient, out-patient and emergencies treatment, while special centres offer specialised dental and dermatology treatment. In contrast to many other nationalities, below-average waiting periods and the possibility to attend the same doctor are characteristics of Singapore's official health facilities.

Long-term residence permit, expatriates are not backed by large public grants, which means that the cost of recent expatriates or tourist to the county can be significantly higher. Singapore's personal health insurance is therefore highly advised to visiting and recently arriving emigrants, although many local and long-term resident people choose to buy top-ups of their general insurance.

Singapore is full of lush, gorgeous scenery, cultural legacy and contemporary architectural style and a fabulous blend of garage sale and high-end retail experience. Offering kind and supportive natives, it also has one of the rock bottom criminality levels in the can. In Singapore there is not much to consider, but the metropolitan state is home to some poisonous snake and spider species and their common mosquitoes in Asia.

In 2016, an epidemic of the Zika disease infected more than 50 humans, warning expectant expatriates to be careful when they plan an Asia vacation. Expatriates in Singapore should consider taking out privately funded health insurance, even if their employers offer insurance as part of their incentives scheme. A lot of ex-pats buy "recharge" schemes to raise their health care expenditure or cut retentions.

Motherhood insurance in Singapore is also not available as a stand-alone insurance, so if you are considering a pregnancy while you live in the city-state, you must buy a comprehensive stationary motherhood scheme. Please check out our health insurance page to see what we have to say, or use our health insurance comparator to see what we have to say about our different providers.

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