Medical Insurance Policy Comparison

Comparison of health insurance policies

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Comparison of Switzerland's healthcare insurance funds & Switzerland's healthcare insurance guides

Every inhabitant of Switzerland is legally obligated to take out sickness insurance. Anyone moving to Switzerland must therefore take out sickness insurance with an approved insurance company in Switzerland within three month of arriving in Switzerland. Apart from this obligatory sickness insurance, citizens of Switzerland can take out an additional sickness insurance.

What does the system look like and what does Schweizer Krankenversicherung provide? Switzerland's medical system is built on a mix of government and privately funded insurance schemes. As a rule, primary insurance provides adequate primary medical treatment in the event of illness and preventative treatment during pregnancy.

Supplementary insurance is only required if you work less than 8 working hours per working day for the same company. It is otherwise covered by compulsory insurance. All insurance providers are required to provide the same services under these core insurances. The health insurance law (KVG) defines these services.

Some of the most important features of the obligatory minimum insurance are: Supplementary insurance in Switzerland may provide supplementary insurance to the reference plan. In fact, more than 80% of the total number of people in Switzerland have supplementary medical insurance to provide insurance that covers claims not provided by primary insurance.

In particular, oral hygiene, the cost of glasses and contacts or the use of a room and medical attention by a chief doctor are frequent issues for which citizens of Switzerland opt for supplementary insurance. The services available depend on the policy and insurance. Unlike compulsory primary insurance, insurance undertakings can refuse to accept an applicant for supplementary medical insurance because of their state of physical state.

In contrast to other EU member states, Switzerland only provides individual coverage. We do not have combination schedules, each member of the household needs their own insurance, even for a child. Whereas compulsory primary insurance provides the same services regardless of the supplier, premium and add-ons can differ greatly depending on the insurance company and contract.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to check different insurance companies before taking out a policy for one or the other. What are the cost of Schweizer Krankenversicherung? In Switzerland, insurance premium does not depend on your personal salary. Instead, they are computed on the basis of the insurance person's own personal exposure to the risks.

Furthermore, lower contributions are paid by those under 18. Beneficiaries must contribute to the costs of medical treatment they receive and must contribute towards them. Even though the services for the obligatory primary insurance are the same, the insurance policies levy different amounts per month.

Compulsory primary insurance requires each member to contribute to the overall medical expenses of the year in terms of medical advice and treatment, in parallel with the contributions to the overall medical premium: the excess. The excess is charged as a proportion of the overall medical expenses of the individual policyholder each year.

Beneficiaries must contribute at least CHF 300 per year to medical costs. Opportunities exist to reduce your recurring bonuses: Increasing your deductible can reduce the costs of your insurance. They can also reduce their insurance premium by selecting a policy with limited physician choices or HMO (Health Care Organisation).

You can also opt for a so-called Telmed policy, in which you must call a helpline before using medical treatment. These services consist of professionals and will direct you to a physician or clinic if necessary. After all, you can switch your insurance fund to make savings on your premium.

What is the best way to find the best insurance for my needs? Generally, you can select any insurance policy. In Switzerland there are more than 80 insurance schemes and you are not required to take out your additional insurance with the same insurance provider that offers your base insurance.

Given this large number of suppliers, it is not always simple to find the best insurance. Tip: If you want to swap your sickness insurance fund or another tariff, please note the conditions of termination. Usually, you have to notify your insurance policy three month before your termination and can make a policy at the end of the year.

Occasionally, you can also terminate your insurance at mid-year. Because there are so many possibilities, we strongly suggest that you check the premium rates of the different insurance providers before you decide which policy to take out. You can use the following contact sheet to ask for such a comparison by a certified insurance specialist - free of cost and without commitment!

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