Medical Insurance Programs

health insurance programs

SHIP, the National Health Insurance Assistance Program, meets the most universal needs of Medicare beneficiaries. The UNC Health Care staff enjoy the benefits of health insurance available to all NC State staff. You know a kid who doesn't have health insurance? CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Programme). Single and group health insurance for:

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Do you know what kind of infirmary replacement programs Frank offers? There are two different programs available to treat you at home rather than in hospitals. You' re a home doctor and rehabilitation doctor. Is there a hospitaI in the home? Home hospitals are an option to hospitalisation or continuation of hospitalisation.

Allows you to treat your own physician and a caregiver in your own home. Which kinds of home HITH related home support are available? Do I have a claim to HITH? Everyone who has coverage from Frank Hospitals has full use of this facility. For how long can I have HITH? Duration of therapy is set by a case clinician in cooperation with your physician according to your specific needs.

RITH: What is home recovery? Home based RITH is a home based option to stationary home based RITH. The RITH programme enables qualified members to carry out all or part of their own house rehabilitations after a period in hospitals. Which kinds of processes are appropriate for RITH? They can be appropriate for a broad spectrum of medical and surgical diseases, including:

Do I have a claim to RITH? Everyone with Frank Hospital insurance can take advantage of this facility, provided you have appropriate domestic assistance and it is certain to do so. Which benefits are contained in RITH? Is RITH suitable for me? The RITH employees make sure the home is secure, evaluate the member's health and offer a programme of treatments to restore energy and portability.

For how long can I have RITH? Duration of your medical care is set by a case clinician in cooperation with your physician according to your medical needs. For home care or recovery through the HITH or RITH program, please consult the Frank staff to verify your credentials.

As an alternative, you can ask your attending physician or release co-ordinator at the HITH or RITH clinic for a HITH or RITH transfer.

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