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What should I do to buy health insurance online? Cookies are used to ensure that your online experience with IMG is good. Obtain free online health insurance quotes and plans for you and your family, Apollo Munich offers an easy way to get free health insurance. Health insurance for the short term is an important health insurance. Federal government offers tax credits (subsidies) to help qualified people pay for health insurance coverage.

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The Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") covers all IMG Web sites, related service, product and application that gather information and view these Conditions that belong to and are maintained by International Medical Group®, Inc. and its affiliated and related companies, and includes, but is not restricted to, a la care Healthcare, Ltd. iTravel Insured, Inc. and AkesoCare Management, Inc.

This does not affect other IMG related software and IMG related activities that are not covered by the IMG Statement of Data Protection. IMG strives to earn your confidence by respectfully safeguarding and safeguarding the confidentiality of the information you choose to share with us online. Below is a description of how IMG gathers, uses, discloses, and safeguards the personally identifiable information you have provided and the personally identifiable information of our people.

The Privacy Policy also outlines your decisions regarding the use, accessing and rectifying of your personally identifiable information. The S. Privacy Shield Frameworks were developed by the US Department of Commerce, the European Commission and the Swiss government to enable businesses on both sides of the Atlantic to establish a compliance mechanisms for the transfer of sensitive information from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States in order to facilitate trans-atlantic trade.

The IMG is in charge of the handling of the personal information that it obtains under the individual Privacy Shield Frameworks and then passes it on to a third person who acts as its representative. The IMG follows the Privacy Shield Principles for all further transmissions of person-related information from the EU and Switzerland, as well as the regulations on responsibility for transmissions.

IMG is governed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's authority to enforce the privacy laws of the United States with regard to personally identifiable information collected or transmitted under the Privacy Shield Frameworks. There may be instances where we may need to disclose personally identifiable information in order to respond to legitimate government inquiries, as well as to comply with applicable government safety or criminal justice laws.

Should you have any questions regarding your right to privacy or the use of your information that we have not resolved in a satisfactory manner, please do not hesitate to consult our U.S.-based third parties settlement service (free of charge) at Subject to certain terms described in more detail on the Privacy Shield website id=How-to-Submit-a-Complaint, you may have the right to initiate mandatory litigation regarding your personal information disclosure concern if other disputes have been resolved.

Furthermore, IMG has undertaken to co-operate with the EU Privacy Protocols (DPAs) for EU staff and the Federal Privacy and Information Commissioner for Switzerland with respect to unsolved Privacy Shield claims concerning personal information provided by the EU or Switzerland under the terms of the contract.

Except as otherwise noted, IMG, where and when GDPR is applicable to the following information, is the party responsible for compiling the same. When you are a European Union individual or inhabitant who visits a website linked to an IMG unit, or if you are an insurance individual through IMG, or if an IMG unit manages a medical insurance scheme that provides coverage for you, IMG may transmit your personally identifiable information to the United States for use and treatment as necessary to service you or to offer you the best possible product, service and experience.

In this case your person-related data will be transmitted within the EU-U. See Privacy Shield Framework. When you are a European Union individual or inhabitant, for personally identifiable information we collect directly from you and for information we obtain about you from third party sources when you are covered by insurance, you have been asked and hereby agree to the processing of your personally identifiable information in accordance with Section 6(1)(a) of the GDPR.

When you visit our website and are not (or not yet) a client or policyholder, you have consented that we may use your data by agreeing to our cookies message, which also constitutes your acceptance under Article 6(1)(a). We will be for policyholders, clients and website visitors:

i) processing the personally identifiable information we gather from you or that we obtain from third party sources about you to the extent necessary to protect IMG's rightful interests, which do not violate any of your basic freedoms and rights; ii) processing such information to provide you in the manner described below with promotional material about any product or service in which you may be interested; and iii) for any other purpose listed below.

Deadlines for the storage of personally identifiable data: When you are an individual covered by IMG, a affiliate, or one of its customers; or when an IMG unit manages an insurance scheme that provides coverage for you, IMG stores your personally identifiable information under the condition of its storage times defined by the type of personally identifiable information, the manner in which the information is used by IMG, government control, and any relevant laws or regulations.

The information we collect about your interaction with our sites will be retained for up to one year, or until you apply for a cancellation or unsubscribe. When you are a citizens or residents of Europe who have accessed an IMG website and have requested for the IMG to collect personally identifiable information as described below, you have the right to ask for and oppose permission to obtain and correct or delete personally identifiable information or to limit the purposes of the individual's treatment, and the right to transfer such information.

If you wish to do so, please contact our data protection officer. The IMG gathers many types of information in order to work efficiently and offer you the best product, service and experience we can offer. Irrespective of the origin, we consider it important to handle this information carefully and to help you protect your private sphere.

As part of your dealings with us (e.g., consumers or policyholders, producers or agents or other persons associated with our business), we may gather the following personally identifiable information from you and your loved ones: Surname; sex; marital/family status; nationality; date of birth; natural history; sports attribute; job history such as training routine; present or past medical conditions and medical conditions, and any other factor affecting underwritability; relation to insurant, insuree or applicant; supplier information such as e-mail, postal or alternative mail addresses, phone, mobile phone, facsimile number; affiliate or sponsorship; monetary information such as credit cards number and invoice number; and

Certificates provided by the Federal Administration such as your Welfare number; phone records of phone conversations with our agents and call centres; clear identification such as certificates, group, policyholder or member IDs, manufacturer and iTI numbers; training, qualification and prior experiences for candidates; We may also gather from you information about your relationships such as your beneficiary; the name, postal addresses and postal addresses of your physician; to satisfy and/or handle a complaint.

In the event that you make available to us personally identifiable information about your contact, we will use that information only for the purpose for which it was provided. From third party sources from whom we have obtained information, we may obtain information about you and aggregate it with information we already have about you.

If you are a citizen or resident of Europe and would like to know the identities of the third party from whom we have received information, please do not hesitate to do so. We use this information to help us keep our records up to date, date, date, and analyse information about you, and offer our customers information about our offers, our plans, and our work. We will use your information only for the purpose for which it was provided to us if you choose to share it with us or if others choose to share it with us.

Examples of the types of personally identifiable information that may be obtained from third party sources are that we may combine third-party acquired customer market information with information we already have about you to produce customized advertisements and product offerings. Like most Web sites, we collect certain informationutomatically.

Such information may contain IP address, web browsing method, ISP, referrer/exit pages, file types displayed on our website (e.g. HTML pages, graphs, etc.), OS, date/time stamps and/or click stream information to help us analyse overall trend and manage the website. IMG and its affiliates use cookie or similar technology to help us analyse your preferences, manage the Site, monitor your interaction with the Site, and collect broad demographic information about our overall community of visitors.

While you can set the use of cookie preferences at the appropriate browsing levels, if you decide to opt -out of cookie preferences, this will restrict your use of certain functionality or functionality on our website or in our services. Contacts for the IMG Data Protection Officer: These websites may still participate in actions that you may consider trackable, although you have indicated this preference, according to the websites' data protection policies.

The majority of web browers have a function related to anti-trackers that prevents the websites you access from automatic transmission of information about your visits to third parties. Adding a protective listing allows your web-browser to block third-party information, for example a cookie, from any Web site that is identified as a Web site to be filtered.

Restricting access to these websites limits the information that these third parties may gather about you. And, if you have a protective listing for trackers turned on, certain web browsers might be sending a non-tracking alert or preferences to the websites you are visiting. More information about our trackers and how to find them can be found in your browser's data security policy or help.

The IMG uses a variety of different types of technology, according to the case, incl. cookies: You can save on your machine any setting that enables the proper operation of our sites or maintains your setting over the years. If, for example, you type in your town or zip number, we may save this information in a unique type of cooking information so that you can see your locally available information when you come back to the site.

By using our website to recognize scams and misuse of our web sites and our products and our products, we may use your personal information to send you a message. Storage of information that you make available to our web sites. In the event that you supply information or make an insurance request, we save the information in a unique storage device to keep track of the products and information you have added. Several of our Web sites contain the use of socially available web sites, some of which contain the use of socially accessible web sites, some of which contain the use of socially accessible web sites, some of which contain the use of socially accessible web sites.

The IMG uses a cookie to allow you to give us your personal information on a website. The IMG uses a cookie to gather information about your online activities and to help us determine your interests so that we can offer you the most appropriate ads for you. The IMG uses a cookie to track how many users have visited an ad and what ads you have seen so that you do not see the same ad again.

To make our Web sites available, we use cookie and other identifying information to collect user and service information. As an example, we use a cookie to track the number of individual users of a website and to compile other statistical information about the operation of our website. These include IMG and third-party cookie services such as Google.

The IMG uses cookie loads to balance the loads to make sure that Web sites continue to function. Several of the frequently used cookie types we use are shown below. Although this is not a complete listing, it is meant to explain the primary reason why we usually place a cookie. The website may use some or all of the following cookie types when you browse one of our websites:

They are necessary for the functioning of the website and cannot be deactivated in our system. Usually, they are only used in reaction to your own activities that amount to a service query, such as defining your data protection settings, signing in, or completing a form. While you can configure your web browsers to refuse or notify you of these cookie types, some parts of the site may not operate correctly.

Used cookies: This cookie allows us to track visitors and counting the source of visitors so that we can gauge and enhance the effectiveness of our website. Any information that these cookie gather is collected in aggregate form and therefore does not directly personally recognize any people. We do not know when you visit our website and cannot track your usage if you do not accept these cookie-sets.

Used cookies: Our advertisers can place these cookie via our website. You do not save any direct personally identifiable data, but are instead reliant on the unique identification of your web browsers and web devices. Failure to accept these cookie will not cause you to lose the website's features. Used cookies:

As well as the cookie settings made by IMG when you browse our website, third may also be used when you browse our website. Sometimes this is because we have asked the third person to perform work on our behalf, such as site analysis. Since your web browsers connect to these third parties' web server to access this information, these third parties may place or browse their own cookie on your machine and may gather information about your online activity across web pages or online service providers.

While most web browser accepts a cookie by default, they offer checks that allow you to reject or remove it. In Microsoft Edge, for example, you can disable or clear a cookie by selecting Preferences > Privacy Information > Cookies. You may find instruction on how to disable or erase a cookie in other web browsers either in each browser's data protection statement or help manual.

Some IMG page functions rely on cookie. Note that if you are blocking a cookie, you may not be able to log in or use these functions, and your cookie-dependent preference setting may be invalid. When you decide to erase a cookie, the preference and preference controls on that cookie, as well as your ad preference controls, are erased and may need to be re-created.

Besides off-the-shelf cookie and web beacon technology, our product may also use other similar technology to save and retrieve information on your computer. However, like off-the-shelf cookie technology, these techniques can also be used to remember a unique ID for your computer, which can then be used to keep tabs on your behaviour.

We use the information we gather to help us better serve you, better serve you, and to provide you with more customized information. The information gathered through an IMG facility may be aggregated with information gathered through other IMG facilities to provide you with a more consistent and customized user interface for your interaction with us. We may, for example, use third-party company Web site content to deduce a general geographical area from your Internet Protocol (IP) address in order to tailor certain Web site content to your geographical area.

We use the information we gather to help us better serve you, better serve you, and to better serve you. The information gathered through an IMG facility can be aggregated with information. For IMG facilities, we use this information to deliver results to you. The information we gather is also used to help us keep and enhance the overall performance, safety and reliability of our product and our customer care.

It may also be used by us to contact you, for example, to notify you of the termination of an insurance policy, to notify you of available upgrades, or to inform you when you need to take steps to keep your bank balance up and running. We use the information we gather to help us better serve you, better serve you, and to provide you with more personalized service.

We may also use this information to help fulfill the insurance products you purchase or process and administer any insurance claim you file, which may include, but is not restricted to, cooperating with vendors, dealing with customer complains, and resolution of customer problems.

Please consult the Data Protection Officer for a full listing of third party companies with whom we can secure and protect the sharing or disclosure of your personally identifiable information. We use the information we gather to help us better serve you, better serve you, and to provide you with more personalized information. The information gathered through an IMG activity may be linked to information that IMG provides free of cost to many of our locations and activities as it can be backed up by advertisements.

To make these sevices generally accessible, the information we gather may be used to enhance the adverts you view by making them more pertinent to you. As an example, we may use request information to personalize the adverts that we place with you while you use our service or that of our advertisers.

If you log in to a website or services using your IMG affiliate card, we gather certain information to validate your identity in the name of the website or services, to help prevent your use of the accounts by third parties, and to help maintain the effectiveness and safety of the IMG affiliate card services. When you have obtained your Membership from a third person, such as an employment, production, spouse organization, or law ful agent, that third person may have a right to your Membership Information, which may include the right to revoke your Membership Key, access your Membership or Profiling Information, access or save any information in your Membership Information, and block or terminate your Membership Information.

Any website or activity that offers or markets IMG software must have a post posting on its website, but we do not supervise or supervise the data protection policies of other websites and their data protection policies may differ. We encourage you to read the policies for each website that you register with in order to understand how each website or individual site will use the information it gathers.

IMG Accounts Creation - Some of our Web sites allow you to set up an IMG accounts by entering an e-mail adress, passphrase, and other "account proofs" such as an alternative e-mail adress, a telephone number, and a Q&A and classified response. Certain types of service may demand extra protection, and in these cases you may be prompted to generate an extra protection code.

Thereafter, we may use this e-mail addresses to notify you of your use of IMG software and IMG service; we may also use this e-mail addresses to notify you of advertising about IMG software and IMG service that is allowed under applicable laws. IMG will make information available to you on demand as to whether we store your person-related data.

Under certain conditions, we may be legally obliged to store your personally identifiable information or we may need to store your personally identifiable information in order to provide a continued level of services. We do not have web sites designed to engage kids. Accordingly, we do not request personally identifiable information from anyone who access our Web sites who we know is under the age of 13.

When we are notified that information has been transmitted or gathered from a minor under the age of 13, we will immediately remove his/her personally identifiable information. These provisions do not govern policyholders, clients or other persons for whom we render a service on the basis of a client or insurance contract.

In the following you will find further information on data protection which you may consider important. Note that this information is not a full account of our practice - all in Addition to the other, more detailed information included in the Data Protection Statement, Agreement and Release for each IMG products and services you use.

With the exception of the cases described in this data protection declaration, we will not pass on your person-related data to third persons without your previous agreement and within the scope of the valid law. We may pass on your data to third persons who render our service on our name in order to help with our commercial work. Those entities are entitled to use your personally identifiable information only to the extent necessary to deliver those to us.

In sharing information with these other businesses to deliver our service, they must not use it for any other purposes and must keep it private. Those sevices may comprise the following: It may be necessary in certain circumstances for IMG to reveal personally identifiable information in order to respond to legitimate inquiries from government agencies, as well as to comply with domestic safety or criminal justice legislation obligations.

If we believe in good faith  that such disclosures are necessary to safeguard the right or property of IMG, our policyholders, our principals or our principals, we may also disclose your personally identifiable information as legally mandated, for example to satisfy a summons or other judicial proceeding, if we believe in good faith that such disclosures are necessary to safeguard the right or property of IMG, our principals, our principals or our principals, to enforce the conditions of your use of the Service, to safeguard your or others' security, to investigate frauds or to answer a governmental inquiry.

When IMG is engaged in a combination, takeover or disposal of all or a part of its business property, you will be informed by e-mail and/or a conspicuous posting on our website of any changes in property, use of your personally identifiable information and decisions you may have regarding your personally identifiable information.

IMG may transfer or disclose personally identifiable information to other IMG owned and operated companies and affiliated companies in connection with any transfer described in the Confidentiality Policy for the products or services you use. Also, we may provide some information from research queries to select third party research providers. Prior to doing this, we delete all uniquely identifiable information such as IP address and cookies ID from the information.

The information is also processed through a procedure aimed at removing any personally identifying information that may have been entered by the user in the keywords (e.g. welfare numbers or debit cards). In addition, we ask these third party companies to keep the information safe and not to use it for any other purpose.

It is IMG's aim to ensure the safety of your person-related data. We use a wide range of generally recognized safety technology and process safety measures to help prevent your personally identifiable information from being accessed, used or shared during your transfer or receipt. We may, for example, save the personally identifiable information you have provided to us on computer equipment that has restricted physical and mental accessibility and is located in restricted locations.

It is your responsability if a passphrase is used to secure your bank details and your private information to keep your passphrase private. For as long as your bank details are available or necessary to enable us to perform our duties, meet our statutory duties, settle our dispute and implement our agreement, we may store your information.

In addition, we have taken technical and process-related security precautions to avoid unauthorised correlations of this information. We may use our third parties partners to use cookie or similar technology to deliver advertisements to you on the basis of your browser activity and interests. Cookie can be used for many different uses, so if a user objects to a behavioral advertisement, he or she can decline a cookie but not use it for that particular purpose.

Online advertisers have policies and programmes in place to help safeguard user' s privacy, and these programmes contain websites that you can go to to decline to receive behavioral ad from all responding businesses (including IMG). Once a user chooses to have Google link their web and application browser histories to their Google Accounts and information from their Google Accounts is used to help customize an ad they see across the web, Google Analytics collects those users' Google-authenticated identifiers, which are Google's personally identifiable information, and associates them with Google Analytics temporary marketing use.

In order to exclude yourself from this survey, you can view it here. On our website we present among other things recommendations and reports from our clients. Please be advised that any information you submit in these areas may be viewed, gathered, and used by others who use it. We may in some cases be prevented from removing your personally identifiable information, in which case we will inform you whether and why we are not able to do so.

This website (s) contains hyperlinks to other web pages whose data protection practice may differ from that of IMG. When you provide personally identifiable information to one of these Web Sites, your information is subject to the Web Sites' data protection guidelines. You are advised to review the data protection statement of each website you use. If you use other locations or departments that do not originate from IMG, you can use IMGs.

They should consult the website's data protection declaration for all matters relating to data acquisition and use. From time to time, we will review our data protection policies to take into account client feedbacks and changes in our service. If we publish changes to a declaration, we will review the "last updated" date at the top of the declaration.

Should there be any significant changes to the Policy or to the way IMG uses your personally identifiable information, we will inform you either by a clearly visible announcement of those changes prior to their effective date or by a direct message (to the email specified in your account).

You are advised to check the policies for the protection of the personal data of the goods and service you use on a regular basis in order to receive the latest information about our data protection practice. <font color="#ffff00">International Medical Group, Inc.

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