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FOS approach for delays in motor insurance claims. Car insurance - ZBV This insurance is brokered by Credit Union Australia Limited, ABN 44 087 650 959 (CUA) OFS No 238317 as the representative of the insurance company Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 OFS No 234708. The CUA does not warrant or endorse this insurance policy. The general business regulations, restrictions and exclusion are valid. Minimum premium may be payable.

1 Minimum premium may be payable.

Possible rebates / claims can be rounded and only valid if a minimal bonus is not achieved. When you are entitled to more than one, we will also charge each of them in a specified order on the Award (excluding tax and federal fees), less any previously charged discounts/claims.

In the case of cover options, rebates on the premiums cannot be granted. However, all on-line rebates on offer are valid for our regular tariffs, but without any other cover. Only the first year bonus is eligible for the on-line rebate (unless otherwise stated). Advertising or other rebates may be applicable from period to period to clients who take out insurance by other means.

The claim for a rebate is based on the insurance record and driver track record of all riders on the insurance and the number of entitlements they have asserted. In case of eligibility, the max. safe driver allowance that can be granted on new contracts is up to 10%. Payment in instalments could be slightly adjusted due to rounded edges and could incur bank charges.

The RACV auto insurance to keep your vehicle safe on the road

As more insurances you have with us, the more you can economize. If you take out two or more types of insurance with our online insurance, you will get a 10% rebate on each policy. *In the case of current contracts, the rebate will take effect on the next extension. Travel, business, agricultural, individual article and pet insurance are excluded. These tables apply to contracts concluded after 15 October 2017 or with a prolongation date after 27 November 2017.

*The RACV car insurance is provided by insurance manufacturers of Australia Pty Limited ABN 93 004 208 084 A. F. License No. 227678.

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