Need Health Insurance

Do you need health insurance?

Common questions about private health insurance in Australia. The spouse has already taken out an annual travel insurance policy with another insurance company. In addition, the older generation shows an increased need for and frequent use of health services. Unless you are already enrolled in a health insurance plan that meets the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act, you may need to change plans. Whose health insurance must it be?

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Read the latest National Tour Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) country-specific health information on the TravelHealthPro website at least 8 week before your itinerary. Every country-specific page provides information on recommended vaccines, recent health hazards or breakouts, as well as information sheets on how to stay abroad in good health. For general information on vaccination and a health status travel checklist, please visit the NHS website.

Then you may want to consult your health advisor or pharmacist to find out about other preventative procedures and treatment for illnesses you already have while abroad. When traveling with medications that require a doctor's prescription or over the counter, please refer to this NaTHNaC guide to best practices when traveling with medications. To find out more about the regulatory state of a particular drug, you should consult the appropriate government department, mission or diplomatic mission in the countries or territories to which you are traveling.

Be sure to take out full health insurance before traveling to Australia. Unless you are subject to mutual health agreements between Australia and the UK, the cost of your treatments may be high. Australia's health care standards are very good. Mutual health care entitles UK residents traveling with a UK Passport to Medicare's restricted subsidized health care benefits for necessary medication during their visit to Australia.

However, this does not mean that the person already has an illness or requires treatments that do not need immediate care. This policy does not extend to non-visitors, e.g. those who study in Australia. Further exemptions under the reciprocity arrangement are medicines if they are not hospitalised, the use of emergency rescue facilities and costly evacuation procedures.

More information and tips can be found on the website of travelHealthPro. When you need urgent health care during your journey, choose 000 and ask for an emergency car. If you are transferred to a health care institution for care, you should immediately consult your insurance provider or health care organization. When visiting one of their Australian office, take your NHS travel pass and NHS travel pass with you (if you have one).

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