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Basic health care updates. We are part of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. There is a need to articulate the role and scope of practice in different contexts and to promote evidence for practice and training in primary health care. Elderly people and primary health care (PHC).

Australia's Primary Health Care, About Primary Health Care

Primary health care in Australia is usually the first point of interaction between a person with a health problem and the health system. Basic health care includes health care not related to hospitalisation, health support, disease and early detection, early diagnosis, care of serious diseases and long-term disease management[1].

The primary health care is provided in facilities such as general surgeries, municipal health centers, related health care practice and through communications technology such as telemedicine and videoconferencing. Primary care physicians (GPs), nursing staff, nursing staff, allied health workers, midshipmen, chemists, dental surgeons and Aborigines are all regarded as primary care specialists.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2014-15 Patient Experience Survey 2014-15 showed: Almost one in five (18%) saw 3 or more physicians for the same health[2]. There is a variety of primary health care systems: Between 2014-15, there were 139 million unreported meetings with primary care physicians through Medicare out of a combined 335 million out-of-hospital caregivers.

There were 3 in the years 2014-15. Five million care surgeries performed by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specialities. On the other hand, in 2014-15, Australia's municipal clinics provided some 35 million ambulatory care outcomes. During the same timeframe, 10 official clinics also provided these. Two million epidemics of in-patient care (hospital stays) and reacted to nearly 7.4 million presentation by the ER[5].

Between 2014 -15, 83% of non-referenced GP visits were bulkbilling[3]. Approximately $56 billion of all health care expenditures were allocated to primary health care in 2014-15[6]. That is 35% of all health financing, similar to the 39% share of health care expenditures. Basic health care expenditures consist of: dentistry service (17%), health of the population and others (14%), health of the general population ( 4.2%).

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