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AASW continues to support the inclusion of Accredited Mental Health Social Workers (AMHSWs) in all private health insurance funds. HCF explains private health care What the state system does and what private health care can do for you. What you do, who you treat and where you are treat. The longer you stay with us, the more you benefit from higher limit for select extra items. Avoiding discontinuation expenses for hospitals.

It is worthwhile to take out early health care coverage.

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If you work harder out there to make a big distinction, it's important that your health insurer works just as harder to take care of you. We' ve made sure that our private health plan does just that. It is divided into two kinds - hospital cover and extrascover. You can take them out either individually or together, according to your health needs.

And your money. There'?s no price on truce. An entire lifetime in good health. That' for cheap health cover. This is the best option for your health (and your budget).

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AASW is also committed to the admission of Accredited Mental Health Social Workers (AMHSWs) to all private health insurance schemes. As a result of AASW lobbying, AASWs are now accepted into the Teachers Health Fund, and we continue our effort to end this unreasonable and indiscriminate segregation.

The AMHSW are not listed in the Alliance of Health Care Provider Associations, which are referred to by several private health insurers in Australia (other than Teachers Health Fund) as "aid providers". That means that consumer who are covered for "extras" have no right against their coverage for the delivery of mental health care by accredited social workers.

The AMHSW are registered doctors who have Medicare Provider numbers and are entitled to Medicare discounts for psychiatric hospital care, such as the government's programme to improve access to psychiatric care. The AMHSW are members of the AASW and constitute one of the highest levels of accreditation.

Provided they meet occupational and ethic criteria, maintain continuing vocational education and training and exercise oversight, they are required to meet the same accreditation criteria as their fellow health professionals, whether enrolled or self-regulated, such as mental health professionals, nutritionists, dieticians and language therapists. To obtain ACHSW Accreditation, counsellors must be able to demonstrate: appropriate use of evidence-based intervention; integration of approaches to convalescence into practices; use of mental health evaluation and wording that takes into account physiological, mental and societal dimensions of the individual and their condition; and the basis for intervention on the basis of the best available evidence. 3.

AASW claims that the present state of affairs puts AMHSWs at a disadvantage in competition and disadvantages many users both in financial and support ways on psychological health matters. In the absence of a shift in the present state of affairs, access to health services for women and men is a major barrier to choices. AASW is continuously committed to representing the interests of private healthcare service companies that demand immediate changes.

Since we work together with separate suppliers, there are different degrees of improvement. AASW has also addressed this topic in the relevant German government fora, for example in its report to the Australia Senate on private health care coverage. The Teachers Health Fund and its sub-brands UniHealth and Nurses and Midwives Health in April 2017 announce that they will give their 300,000 Top Extras Cover members free entry to private health coverage offered by accredited mental health social workers.

This step was an interesting amendment to the Directive to increase the members' ability to gain psychiatric services. This is due to the AASW' s continuing support and closely monitor AASW' s performance under the national registration and accreditation system and self-regulation through the means. All AASW members who have private health coverage are encouraged to contact their providers in writing and ask them to involve accredited social workers for psychological health.

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