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Friendly society Private health insurance companies Private hospitals Choosing to be the clinic of choosing for welcoming and good health care. In the private clinic of theriendly society we are anxious to offer you during your stays assistance and high standard care. Founded by the Australian Society of Friends, the Private Hospitals maintains close ties with most, if not all, private health insurance companies in Australia, and includes the following funds:

The Australian Health Service Alliance - Umfasst ; ACA Health Benefits Fund, Australian Unity, CBHS Health, CUA, Defence Health, Geelong Medical & Hospital Benefits Association, Grand United Corporate Health, Health Care Insurance (HCI), au, Healthguard Health Benefits, Healthguard Health Insurance Fund of Australia, Health Partners, Navy Health, Onemedifund, Peoplecare Health Insurance, Phoenix Healthfund, Queensland Country Health Fund, Reserve Bank Health Society, RT Health Fund, Teachers Health Fund, Teachers Union Health, The Doctors Health Fund, Transport Health & Westfund Ltd.

Australia Regional Health Group - Includes Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund, Latrobe Health Services, Mildura District Hospital Fund & St Lukes Health.

Use of private health cover in Australia's hospital sector, 2006-07 to 2015-16, sitemap

Information on approved stays in Australian private and private health care facilities by Australian private health insurers over the last 10 years. Here, the stays in a hospital financed by the private health insurances are compared with the stays in a public and private wards. The private health insurer is financing a larger share of government referrals to health care - from about 1 in 12 in 2006-07 to 1 in 7 in 2015-16.

The rt health funds - The transport and energy industry funds

There are a number of individual insurances that are suitable for you in all situations. Entry model, affordability of coverage. Medium coverage area that meets the needs of most individuals. Top line for those who value safety. Select from a variety of coverages to meet your needs and those of your fellow human beings.

Entry protection for young, fitted and happy pairs. Insurance coverage for modest health service use. Select from a variety of policies to make sure you and your loved ones are insured for changing needs. If your familiy is still young or adult, we can make sure that you are safe with us.

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