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The reason why America has opted for a private health insurance model. Would you like to take out or change health insurance? Buying health insurance through a private health insurance company is much easier if you know what questions to ask.

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Private-sector health insurers ranking to give more information to the consumer about cover and benchmarking - Policy

The private health insurer's premium rates are classified to help the consumer find out exactly what they are paid for from April next year. Governments have introduced the new classes - Golden, Silver, Blue and Blue - for the more than 70,000 private health insurers across the nation owned by some 13 million Australians.

German Health Minister Greg Hunt said that the scheme would give more information to the consumer about their insurance cover and establish standards for the level of benefits that would be provided under each insurance independently of the underwriter. "This means that we take over the current polices, no pricing changes, no cover changes, but we make it easier so everyone can see exactly what's there on one page," he said.

System changes will lead to more private health care covering the costs of treating patients with diabetes, especially those with chest and ovary maycers. "There has been a discrepancy in the past between the cover of men and woman for different kinds of different forms of cancers so it is another important date for treating female cancer," Mr. Hunt said.

Welcoming the new category, Shadow Health Minister Catherine King said any action to improve consumers' awareness was an uplift. However, Ms. King did argue that the government did not do enough to get away with the low-cost guidelines that offered little protection. "The laboratory has said that we will eliminate the private health discount from these June policy, especially those that only provide private health care in publicly owned hospitals," she said.

"In our opinion, this is not justified when a number of users use this device, quite openly in order to minimize taxes rather than actually resort to private health cover. "Under this government, what we have seen more and more is increasing sophistication in the types of items that there are, more exceptions, more overpayments, more gaps paid in these items and less value for money for the consumer.

" Coalition arguments that the Labour policy stance on low-cost policy, which under the new system would be considered "fundamental", would do more damage than good. "ALP wants to eliminate the core category efficiently, but that would result in a 16% increase in private health prices that would push 100,000 if not million out of private health insurance," Mr Hunt said.

Private Healthcare Australia (PHA), which represent the big insurance companies, applauded the new actions and said it would share information about the changes with clients early next year. This organization also advocated less expensive politics. "Base and core levels also offer accessible entry-level solutions for younger, more healthy individuals who often arm themselves as they get older and their lives change," said Dr Rachel David, head of PHA.

"At the lower end, the main problem is to communicate effectively with the consumer about what is and is not included so that they know what they are purchasing.

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