Private Health Care Providers

Independent healthcare providers

The NHS trusts win legal battle over Virgin Care children's health contract. There is evidence that a large proportion of tuberculosis patients in many countries with a high TB burden first approached a private health care provider. A comparison of trust in public and private health service providers in rural Cambodia. We are committed to service through our comprehensive understanding of healthcare needs.

The Medibank Provider | Medibank

Medibank's new valuable agreements with many private clinics aim to promote the improvement of health care providers' standards of care, security and efficiency in the interests of our members and their clients, and to recognize clinics for reaching higher standards of care. Our strategy is built on a thorough evaluation of our knowledge in Australia and internationally and has been further developed over the last 18 month in consultation with our partner clinics.

Medibank currently has value-based agreements with more than 120 clinics that represent around 70 percent of Australia's largest private clinics. Our value-based agreements are expected to further enhance the already high standards of health care provided by our partner companies. There is no difference in the treatments for which a member is insured.

The Medibank shall maintain the payment of services for the cost of the initial care on the members' account in accordance with the conditions of its Directive. The members will not face extra cost as a consequence of these changes and will still have easy and reliable acces to good medical care in the hospitals of their choosing.

Medibank's payment to the specialist doctors for the care of our members, among them surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists and assistants, remains the same. It is a pure agreement between Medibank and the clinics involved. In the case of contract clinics, please first contact your Medibank Contract Manager.

The NABS for Healthcare Providers

The NABS is the National Foreign Interpreting Booking and Payment Services. The NABS provides interpretation services for deaf, deaf-blind and partially sighted persons and their relatives who need interpreting for private health care meetings and communication using signing languages. It is free of charge for those who are not entitled to NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and for private health professionals.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can hire an translator for every sign language user. It' simple to hire an translator with Narcotics Anonymous. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sign language interpretation is provided for both private and private health care use. Narcotics Anonymous Translators (NABS) only employ translators who have a NAATI qualification.

Narcotics Anonymous Service translators will have some healthcare interpretation expertise. Accompanying adults and guardians can hire an translator for private health and fitness events for their child between the ages of 0 and 18.

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