Private Health Clinic

Clinic for private health

You can also opt for private health insurance to give you more healthcare options and insure items that are not covered by Medicare. Friendly behaviour by employees and doctors is the main reason why people trust private health centres. The medical clinic team takes a holistic approach to health in order to meet your personal needs and keep you in top form.

Private-sector health care

New South Wales Ministry of Health is the regulator of private health care institutions throughout the state. Inside the Ministry of Health, the Regulation and Compliance Unit on National Health Services Secretary's name is NSW Health for the regulation of private health care institutions and the enforcement of license standard under the:

Private Health Facility Act aims to design and deliver complete, equitable and co-ordinated health service throughout New South Wales. Laws set out the accreditation requirement, as well as the minimal standard for the delivery of secure, adequate and high standard health treatment to private healthcare clients in NSW.

Norms may be required in relation to all issues related to the security, nursing or welfare of private healthcare patient populations, comprising the following matters: hospital norms, comprising certification of clinicians for the provision of in-house service, delimitation of clinician privileges from clinicians and QA, personnel, comprising qualification of personnel, number of personnel and tasks, equipping, designing and constructing hospital areas, operating affairs, comprising administrative and supporting service.

Private Health Facilities Regulation 2017 defines 19 categories of private health facility and the standard that must be fulfilled by each category of facility. Attachments can be licensed for more than one asset category. NSW Ministry of Health takes a riskmanagement stance and works with the home owner and manager of private health institutions to make sure that appropriate patient health, safe living and nursing practices are maintained.

NSW Health's Secretary may revoke a license in the event of serious non-compliance with any law or regulation. It is also in charge of the management of: private institutions for psychological health pursuant to Part 2, Division 2 of the 2007 Mentally Health Act in collaboration with the NSW Ministry of Health, Mentally Health and Drugs and Alcohol Office;

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