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That makes it difficult for some fraud managers in the private health insurance companies. Private-sector health insurance companies are making more money, while the value of patients is falling. Dr Michael Gannon, AMA President, today issued a warning that the changes being followed by Australia's major private health providers will limit the selection of physicians and hospitals for patients and put policyholders at risk of undermining the value of their significant investments in private health coverage. Dr Gannon, who introduced the AMA Private Health Report Card 2018, said recent announcement by Bupa, one of Australia's leading health companies, will significantly limit patients' choices of the best possible treatment for their disease or conditions and indicate wider pressure from the health sector to interfere in the doctor-patient relationships.

"Major insurance companies are following a US-style agendas for administered healthcare to cut cost and further enhance profitability by making it more difficult for the patient to obtain treatment from the physician they want in the most appropriate clinic for their condition," said Dr. Gannon. "The new Bupa rules, which only offer maximal benefit to those who are hospitalized in Bupa contracted clinics, are undermining the physician's roles in delivering and counseling the most appropriate treatment - and could eventually lead to an increased bag cost for them.

AMA Private Health Insurance Report Card 2018 provides an outline of how private health insurers should work for the good of the patient and how the suggested new regulations will lead to less selection and value for policyholders. Gannon said that the Report Card shows that there are many guidelines that deliver significantly different level of services, coverage and inequalities.

"And there are many directives on the open road that don't offer the coverage consumer expects when they need it," said Dr Gannon. "Humans who have one of these "junk policies" should think twice about what coverage they really need. "Government has implemented some important private health care reform to help individuals better comprehend the different terms that each class of health care - bullion, sterling, base and base - will have.

Testimony shows that some companies are doing well overall and others only under certain circumstances. Gannon said that the healthcare professional is working really hard to make sure that people get value for what they get. "With the AMA report card, we provide easy-to-understand information to help our customers and users make better educated purchasing choices about the private health care sector and how it works," said Dr. Gannon.

"Let's see what insurances can be covered, what the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) is covering and what an out-of-pocket charge can be under different outcomes. Recent contribution rises in private health insurances will come into force on 1 April. AMA Private Health Health Report Card 2018 information is available to the public - mainly from the Australia Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the Private Health Ombudsman and insurers' web sites.

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