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Personal health system

CPFB Programs - Healthcare Under the Private Medical Insurance Scheme (PMIS), CPF members can use their MediSave deposits to purchase Integrated Shield Plan (IPs) for themselves and their families, as well as their parent, partner, children and grandparent. Built-in shield schemes consist of two parts, a MediShield Life feature administered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board and supplementary services from private underwriters.

Since November 1, 2015, when MediShield Replaced MediShield Live, the MediShield Live feature has also substituted the MediShield feature in IPs. MediShield Live IP components cover you for a lifetime, even if you have a history of illness. The same applies if your previous illnesses are not insured by the supplementary insurance of your private insurance.

More about MediShield Life can be found at COPY14 Is a health policy that provides services in addition to those provided by MediShield Life. Affiliates who purchase such built-in schemes are also insured under MediShield Life, provided that they meet qualifying criteria such as nationality and aging.

MediShield part of your IP has been changed to MediShield Life as of November 1, 2015. MediShield Life will cover all citizens and permanent residents of Singapore, regardless of ages. The Standard IP is a private health cover designed to cover large clinical invoices and select expensive Class B1 ambulatory care at Singapore's municipal clinics.

Its purpose is to give Singaporeans the opportunity to obtain extra cover over MediShield Life in a standardized, easy-to-understand bundle. This will also be a practical choice for those who want to move from their Class A and private hospital' IPs to a more accessible scheme. As with all other types of IP, the premium for the extra private IP cover element is determined by the private underwriters.

Singapore citizens and long-term resident can fully use MediSave to purchase their MediShield Life bonuses. Those with an IP have Other Withdrawal Limits (AWLs) to allow the Singapore MediSave to use up to an upper limit to cover the extra cost of the private IP part. AWLs are in addition to the amount of MediSave used for MediShield Life awards: $300 if you are 40 years old or younger on your next anniversary. $600 if you are 41 to 70 years old on your next anniversary.

Every insuree can only pay for one Integrated Shield Plan with MediSave. In addition to the MediShield Life benefits, if you would like extra cover, such as cover for your hospitalisation in private clinics or A or B 1 stations in government clinics, you may consider purchasing an Integrated Shield Plan.

One of these can be purchased from the following private insurance companies (PDF, 0. 3MB): You can only use MediSave to purchase an Integrated Shield subscription yourself at any given moment. The reason for this is that in general terms they offer similar cover, and hospitals or health care invoices can only be covered by one scheme.

Therefore, it is not wise to replicate your insurance with more than one policy. However, you can use your MediSave account to purchase MediShield Life coverage or the Internet Protocol (IP) of your members of your household. If you request a new Integrated Shield Plan with MediaSave to be paid for, your new insurance company will cause your current insurance company to stop using MediaSave to fund your current Integrated Shield Plans.

As a result, your old Built-in Shield Drawing will end with the launch of your new one. After all, a single individual can only be covered under an integral shield scheme that is funded through MediSave. For the remainder of the insurance year of the insurance coverage, the non-used premiums will be reimbursed to the client's MediSave account.

If you buy an Built-in Shield Plan, it will be incorporated into MediShield Life. MediShield Life will provide you with the same advantages as long as you are a citizen of Singapore or a permanent resident. It' s important to talk to your finance consultant thoroughly and understanding the impact before switching to a new Built in Shield Plan.

Your new insurer's proposed scheme may not provide coverage for pre-existing illnesses that may be included in your old scheme acquired prior to the development of the disease. The MediShield Live feature of your new Integrated Shield Diagram, however, will still provide life-long coverage, even for already diagnosed diseases.

By requesting a change to a higher-coverage Integrated Shield Plan (IP) from the same underwriter, policies go through another round of new supplementary insurance intakes. In the event that a Insured wants to change to a higher IP with another Insurance Company, the new Insurance Company will take over the Insured for the new insurance contract.

On the basis of their own RMFs, insurance companies are entitled to consider, with or without exclusion, authorise or refuse requests to switch to a higher IP, as these are mainly commercial risks related rulings. When it comes to affording the benefits of your Integrated Shield Plan (IP) as you grow older, you can consider moving to a more affordably priced IP, standard IP included, or MediShield Life, depending on your conditions and hospital cover preference.

If, for example, you want to remain in care unit B 2 or C but have private hospital cover, you can change your cover to MediShield Life. And if you want to remain in a station and are happy with the advantages of standard IP, you can upgrade your cover to standard IP depending on your budget.

Standard IP awards will be higher than MediShield Life awards as they offer extra cover up to stations 1 and 2. It is important that you review your cover thoroughly and receive a policy that suits your needs, taking into account your preference for station types and the long-term affordable nature of your premium.

The Integrated Shield Plan (IP) consists of two parts - a MediShield Live part and an extra private part. That means you are protected by MediShield Live even if you have an Internet Protocol (IP). MediShield Live covers you for a lifetime, even if you have a history of illness. The same applies if your previous illnesses are not insured by the supplementary health of your private health plan.

Now if you have an current Internet Protocol (IP) but decide you don't need it, you can always go back to MediShield Life. The MediShield life insurance policy is not subjected to any further examination for already existent health states. Learn more about how MediShield Life works with your integrated shieldplane at

Built-in shield plan (IP) consists of two parts - the MediShield Life feature, designed for either SRB2 or C station type and managed by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board, and the added private health coverage for private hospitals and A or SRB1 station type for private hospitals managed by private healthurers.

That means that when you buy an Internet Protocol you are also insured under MediShield Live as long as you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. MediShield Live covers you for a lifetime, even if you have a history of illness. You can receive an additional premium of 30% for 10 contract years, dependent on the seriousness of your pre-existing ailments.

This 30% additional premium applies only to the MediShield Life part of your Internet Protocol (IP) awards. Explore which large classes of serious pre-existing condition are eligible for the additional premium. Exceptions to the private element of cover are defined by the intellectual property underwriters. There is no double cover.

Built-in Shield Plan (IPs) already consist of two parts - the MediShield Life part and an extension part. For those falling under an IP, the combination of MediShield Life, managed by the CPF board, and the complementary services of private insurance companies is currently available. Every policyholder is independent of each other and insures through the systems.

Because Integrated Shield Plan (IP) is managed by private insurance companies, you must contact your insurance company directly if you wish to end or end your Integrated Shield Plan. In the event of cancellation being unsuccessful, the non-used premiums will be reimbursed to your payer's MediSave account for the remainder of the insurance year of the coverage in question.

If an IP is cancelled/expired due to non-payment, the private underwriter would cancel the supplemental private policy and you will still be insured under MediShield Life (MSL). Ongoing health insurances are intended to guarantee that you have at least primary health care even if you are hospitalised.

Therefore you are still insured under MediShield Life even after the cancellation of your Internet Protocol. Beneficiaries of the Integrated Shield Scheme will still be required to provide MediShield Life premium payments. So if you are the person paying for your Integrated Shield Scheme Awards, MediShield Life Awards will be subtracted from your MediSave balance.

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