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There are a few cases where insurance companies sell private health insurance outside open enrollment, which is considered qualifying health insurance. The transition from private to public health care by children can bring important social benefits to vulnerable families.

Health insurance companies " Private health insurance " PRACFA

In order to achieve greater acceptance of registrants of PACFA through private discounts for counseling and psychological therapy benefits, all private insurance companies are contacted on a regular basis by them. Currently, private practitioners of private medical practices with Bupa and Medibank private insurance can provide discounts on private medical insurance to customers applying for them. Medibank Private's coverage is restricted and further detail can be found here, Bupa's coverage is comprehensive and further detail can be found here.

Registerants of Medibank Private are also recognized by a number of other smaller mutual fund companies, and our drive is aimed at increasing coverage with these mutual fund companies and expanding the restricted coverage of Medibank Private. Regular ly, meetings with employees of private health insurance companies to promote higher coverage and regular submission of appropriate contributions and audits.

We will be reporting regularly to our website via our news service on our success in the project.

Homeopathy, natural medicine deleted from private insurance lists

Within the framework of the reorganization of private medical insurance by the Federal German Federal Republic, the coverage of some naturopathic treatments will now be withdrawn from all private medical insurance policies. Treatments that are no longer available are among the following: - Treatment of the heart disease Governments say that while still allowing customers to opt for those options, they will no longer be able to receive them from their insurers from 1 April 2019.

"The abolition of cover for the above mentioned naturopathic treatments will guarantee that taxpayers' money is properly spent and not used for treatments without proof. Among these changes, it will be unlawful for insurance companies to cover treatments, which is generally included in the "Extras" bundle, says Australian Skeptics. But a spokesman for the department explained to Australian skeptics that fund could offer coupons for such treatments, but they cannot put them in insurance plans.

Australia Skeptics also points out that osteopathy, akupuncture and raiki are not among the stored treatments.

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