Private Medical Plans

Personal medical plans

A number of international health and health insurance plans have been developed to meet the specific needs of people living and working abroad. The following is a list of global health insurance plans that you can review and compare. We have the widest selection of plans from Ireland's most experienced provider and are there when you need us. Global Cigna Individual Private Health Insurance Plans. Several of the plans fully cover all public and private hospital ER costs.

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So why should you want to make an investment in your employees' medical coverage? The private medical insurer is a much appreciated social security payment that supports the recruiting and loyalty of staff. What's with Cigna? More than just great services from the public insurer. With our seasoned customer relationship teams, we can help you ensure the success of your staff medical plans through clear reports and loss development analyses.

Learn more about why Cigna' s employees' medical insurances make economic business sense. Find out more.

Private Health Insurance & Health Insurance Plans

Keeping it easy, we offer two different plans that fit different needs and budget. As pressure on the National Heath Service (NHS) increases, you may find that you will have to wait a long time before receiving the necessary diagnostic or therapeutic work. The HealthBridge is our less expensive product specifically developed to close the NHS and private sector gaps.

In addition to being able to customise the schedule to meet your needs, you can also select where you will get your treatments from our list of over 300 private and private UK clinics. If you are between 18 and 74 years old and 11 month old and work or have worked in the government, state, or non-profit sectors, you and your dependants are entitled to join CS Healthcare.

For more information about our medical plans, please refer to our FAQ page. CCS Healthcare offers specialised medical insurances for officials and their relatives. We have been committed to safeguarding the healthcare of our members for over 85 years and have partnered with more than 300 clinics to ensure that our members have the best possible healthcare and treatments.

Knowing that your healthcare should come first, we want to keep you up to date with all the latest healthcare news and the latest healthcare and wellness advice.

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