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Complete our simple online form to receive a free quote for private health insurance. County Group offers private health insurance so companies can protect their employees. Please click here to receive an offer. Get a quote and buy your international insurance online. Private international health and travel insurance solutions for everything you plan.

What can I do to reduce the cost of private health care?

It is possible to get cheap private health coverage, but make sure that you fully comprehend what you may be offering. When you are looking for a PMI policies or already have one, but the costs are too high, look around to see if you can make savings. Complete our easy on-line application to receive a free quote for private health coverage.

The majority of insurance companies provide three coverage levels: extensive, standardised and within your own budgets. Budgets reduce your expenses by eliminating ambulatory treatments such as first diagnoses and consultation, which you can get for free at the National Health Service if you are willing to maintain and exclude things like that. However, you are still fully insured for serious hospitalisation, from waist surgery to cancers.

As an alternative, you can select a schedule that targets certain diseases such as cardiac diseases or cancers in order to reduce the cost. If you take out car or household contents cover, you can reduce your premiums by declaring yourself willing to make the first 50 or 100 (or more) of a claim. Private health insurances are subject to the same principles.

With a small deductible of just 100 or 250 in each insurance year or debt, you could save 10% to 20% on your premium. A few insurance companies take the concept to the extreme, with excessive amounts in the tens of millions, but this means that you can only make a claim for serious sicknesses. A lot of insurance companies also provide no-claims bonuses, which can lose up to two-thirds of your premium.

Simply make sure that you are not deterred from receiving essential care by the threat of loss of your No Claim. A number of insurances provide free admission to any private clinic in the UK, as well as London main lecture halls. Sometimes referred to as A-list or Volume A. This is great if you can buy it, but you can make savings by restricting your choices to lower priced B-list or C-list private clinics or even NHS wage cots (Volume D).

Certain insurance companies also provide the possibility of reimbursing your hospital and out-patient expenses if you use one of the dedicated wards. Living near one of these clinics can be an easy way to cut your expenses. Certain insurance companies provide a "six-week clause" that provides cost reductions if you are willing to use the NHS in certain circumstances.

Typically, if the NHS topical queue for your state is less than six week, the business means that you must get your NHS treatments. lf the waitinglist is longer, you immediately become private. Coinsurance or co-responsibility reduce your premium if you undertake to cover part of the cost of your medical care.

Insurance companies believe that this will help reduce careless losses and share the benefits with you. Certain insurance companies are paying a part of your premiums on a custody account on your behalf, the balance is earmarked for financing your medical care. If you make a claim, then you will be paying a percent of the costs from your wallet balance and the insurance company will take care of the balance up to the insured amount.

When you do not make a deposit request, the funds in the payment bank are yours (although the bank does not charge interest). A number of insurance companies make an amount of funds available to you for the necessary medical care. They can either buy this for a private session or get NHS to treat them and take the purse instead.

Other offers you rewards for a healthier life, such as e.g. eat a salad and go to the fitness studio, which reduces your bonuses. After all, nothing prevents you from establishing your own private care and deductible saving plan in a private healthcare provider if the NHS queue is far too long for your state.

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