Private Pay Insurance

Personal wage insurance

All I accept is private remuneration, I am currently not insured in the network. I'll give you a receipt for the insurance. Have you mixed feelings about whether you want to accept only self-paying customers or take out insurance as a third-party payer? Homepage " Patient Resources " Insurance and Private Remuneration. Wherever possible, we will charge you for your insurance.

We can help you if you are looking for private health insurance.

Unless you have medical insurance offered by your employers, you must find private medical insurance. By passing the Accordable Care Act (ACA), the German Government is aiding to subsidise healthcare insurance for many, but the search for payable private healthcare insurance can still be a formidable undertaking.

With so many organizations that offer a multitude of guidelines, it's difficult to know which one to use. Searching for tens of thousands upon tens of millions of plans offered by internationally recognised corporations, with just a little information from you about your budgets and your particular needs, we can compare you with the private medical insurance providers that meet your needs.

Medibank Payments

These services are offered in conjunction with Post Billipay. To pay your insurance premiums on-line, you need a valid plastic number. Notice that it may take up to three business days to request an application for post invoice payments for memberships. Your deposit covers the entire term from the date of your actual finance date.

If, however, your current member is more than two month in arrears, Medibank Private is not obliged to pay any outstanding premium. Medibank Private will treat your data in accordance with its privacy policy. Allow the Post bilpay option to activate. Remember that your member number is not displayed exactly as in the last stage in the "Reference number" area.

When the Post Bilpay screen does not appear, click the bottom one. Once the invoice has been issued, please complete the processing of your request. As soon as a transaction has been successfully completed, Post bilpay will give a Post bilpay receipt number. We ask for your understanding that it can take up to three workingdays to request your postal invoice to pay for your subscription.

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