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We offer a wide range of health protection products. Which health insurance benefits do the supervisors receive? Medical Prudential Insurance, reported anonymously by Prudential employees. Select a health insurance that rewards you for your health. Prudential Health Plans, Chicago.

Prudential Health Insurance

Health is an inestimable value for all of us. In the event of an unfortunate event such as an accident or serious disease requiring long-term attention, you and your loved ones will be subject to emotional and emotional and emotional stress. Nursing services are intended to give a periodic montly service1 to the insured party included in the insurance plan (the "life insured") in order to reduce the burden of payment if they are not able to support themselves through day-to-day operations2 so that the life insured has a worry-free convalescence.

Now more than ever, critically ill diseases are viable, but we have little grip on their monetary consequences when they hit again. Prehealth critical illness expanded nursing services - with restricted years of premiums - deep coverage against various diseases. There is also a scheme to remove non-malignant tumours.

Public Health Emergency Medical Illness Multicare Prestige will protect you with Multi-Claim Emergency Medical Illness as well as Live Covers - both in one package. 126 diseases allows you to assert several rights and still be covered by your insurance policy. Protect your child with our special triply child protector. Pruthealth Total Emergency Illness Smart Choice helps protect you from the cost implications of 43 diseases, 40 of which are major and 3 early.

If you are screened for one of the illnesses we have covered, the scheme will pay a flat-rate amount with finite years of bonus payments - so you can concentrate on getting better. Featuring very low bonuses, this program is tailored to fit your needs at different phases of your lifetime. Medicinal expenses should never be an obstacle to obtaining the care you need if you are going to be found to have a serious disease.

Primary Intensive Health Treatment provides all your qualifying healthcare costs for cancers, myocardial infarction and strokes. They can get up to 18,000,000,000 HKD of coverage - a lifetime - at an accessible premium. 3. When you are treated for one of our gynaecological diseases, you will get a flat rate that you can use for any use.

It also covers the cost of various kinds of medicinal procedure. If you need treatment in hospitals, PRUhealth health plus is a health insurance policy that provides lifelong coverage of HKD 30,000,000,000 (HKD 10,000,000,000 annually). Because we know you earn a good standard of health services throughout your working lives and retirements, and we know you want a scheme that improves your current health coverage and saves you significant health outlays.

For this reason, we provide you with the PRUhealth safe top-up schedule, which complements your current group or single health plans ("other health plans") by refunding 90% of your qualifying health care costs in addition to your current cover, providing you with a guarantee of commutation and lifetime extension. PRUmyhealth carcinoma protector provides cover to cover all reimbursable costs that may be incurred in treating cancers, so you can concentrate on getting better.

You can also supplement your schedule with outpatient, maternity and dental benefits.

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