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Every fully insured health insurance company is ACA-compliant (Affordable Care Act). Find out more about individual health insurance from UnitedHealthcare. There is a wide range of group and individual health plans, financing agreements and more. Buying for health insurance? Allow us to help you find cover until your ACA health insurance starts!

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The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is an independant license holder of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and is registered as Louisiana Health Service & Indemnity Company. © 2018 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is entitled to resell goods only in the State of Louisiana.

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Montana health insurance for small companies

Many small companies in Montana consider the provision of health services to be the keys to attracting and keeping the best people. Medical insurance is not inexpensive, however, and it can be especially difficult for small companies to find affordability cover. Companies with 49 or fewer full-time equivalents (FTE) or persons employed on a full-time basis are not obliged to provide insurance cover to their people.

They will not have to pay taxes if they decide not to provide cover. Nonetheless, the Act provided an opportunity for your staff - and for yourself - to take out high-quality health insurance through the SHOP. From November 1, 2015, you can submit your application on-line at health or by phone at 1-800-706-7893, comparing schedules and registering for a SHOP schedule.

You can also have your staff sign up to your schedule on-line, making the job simpler for everyone. SHOP Marketplace health insurance representatives and estate agents dispose of specific on-line functions that make it easy for them to submit applications, select cover, register and administer your cover - if you authorise them to help.

The SHOP agent who is certificated to take out insurance in the SHOP receives government and state certification and is certificated by this agency. Small-sized companies with 50 or less full-time equivalents can use Montana's SHOP at healthcare. gov to provide insurance to their people. There' s a pocket calculator at healthcare. gov that can help you decide whether you want to become a small company.

In order to be eligible for the SHOP, you must have at least one member of staff who is not related to you. SHOP allows workplaces to select the cover provided by different businesses. It is the company that selects the amount (percentage of premium) that the company will pay into a selection of schemes. Starting in the 2017 planning year, small SHOP covered small businesses will have the opportunity to opt vertically and offer schemes across all metals (platinum, Gold, silver and bronze) from one underwriter.

You can find more information on purchasing and purchasing insurance in our health insurance buyer's guide. There are three health insurance funds in Montana that sell SHOP plans: Blue Cross Shield of Montana, PacificSource and Montana Health CO-OP. Whilst small firms are not obliged to provide health insurance to their staff, fiscal disincentives are available to help firms provide insurance for the first foreseeable event - or to retain the cover you may already be providing.

Small BUSH Care Levy credits are for companies with less than 25 full-time equivalents who are earning an annual $50,000 or less on aggregate and contributing 50% or more to employees' pure incentive cost. Find out more about small businesses crediting VAT credits are only available for schemes acquired through the SHOP Marketplace.

For the 2014 fiscal year and beyond, the amount of the income deduction is up to 50% of the employer's contributions to employee contributions. It is also possible to buy insurance for your staff outside the SHOP website. Several other insurance providers are selling small group insurance, but outside the SHOP website.

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