Ski Insurance

skiing insurance

Do you need ski or snowboard insurance? The is the official travel insurance from Ski & Snowboard Australia.

It is Australia's specialist insurer for winter sports holidays. An adequate travel insurance is an essential part of every trip and especially for ski holidays. Proper ski travel insurance can ensure that you are insured on and off the slopes.

Insurance for Skiing & Snowboarding Australia

Our guidelines have been developed by cross-country skiing enthusiasts for cross-country skiing enthusiasts and provide you with the highest level of safety on the pistes. Select between insurance for your journey abroad, inland, annually or professionally. With our transatlantic policy, you are covered wherever you want. Skating in New Zealand and Japan, skating in Canada and the USA, we have insurance to protect you.

Injuries can also occur on public holiday, which is why we have developed a household insurance plan that gives you safety on the piste. More than once a year do you start for a winter experience abroad? Each year we provide an excess travel insurance that covers travel for a 12 months term and each journey can last up to 21 workdays.

Our pride is to assure our ski heroes as they take the golds, sings and bronzes to Australia. On or off the slopes, we meet all your needs in the area of boarding and ski holidays. The ski insurance policy includes everything you need for your ski trip, such as ski slope closures, adverse climate and flood protection and snow/ski gear rental.

We also have basic health care with limitless health services as well as coverage for your baggage, cancellation, lost bail and more. Up to $5,000 in extra coverage can be purchased for quality products less than 12 month old. This can be done by enumerating each article and its value when you request coverage.

For jewelry, bikes, watches and boats (except surfboards) no high-quality article purchase is available. If you are thinking about a heliskiing experience, you can take out extra insurance. All you have to do is purchase your insurance policies and purchase an extra bonus. Extra coverage can be obtained to meet the deductible for rental of ski gear.

You will be refunded the deductible for renting skis or the costs of repairs to your ski gear, whichever is lower, if the ski gear you have rented has been destroyed or stolen as a result of an incident falling within the scope of this Directive.

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