Small Business Health Insurance

Health insurance for small businesses

Humana's High Deductible Health Plans allow employers to offer low premiums to employees by having a higher deductible that covers both medical and prescription drug costs. Find out how to take out health insurance for employees. Details of the Small Business Health Programme. Federal Small Business Health Options Program is an insurance exchange established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) helps companies offer health insurance to their employees.

Are small companies able to offer company health insurance?

More than 2 million companies exist in Australia and over 90 percent of them are inactive, small or very small, as treasury figures show. Sadly, working for a small business often means for these individuals to sacrifice the benefits one expects when working in a bigger company. Consider safety, incentive payments, vocational education and qualifications, and company health insurance.

But we know that most small companies can provide one of these benefits easily: occupational health insurance. What will your small health insurance be? Their small business health insurance will charge you how much you want it to. What makes this advantage so great is that it is fully customizable and you can provide your staff with a myriad of different coverage ratios at all costs you think are appropriate.

You can use an insurance agent to obtain detailed information and analyses on all available policy optionsĀ . A recent Vero poll found that 79 percent of small and medium-sized companies use an insurance agent to obtain detailed information and analyses on all available policy choices. This is exactly what we at HICA are offering and therefore small companies can provide a company health insurance with us.

Your Australia health insurance does not have to be an off-the-shelf solution for small businesses in our capable hands. Your insurance will be available to you in Australia. Instead, a business plan can be customized to fit your budgets, your workforce and your people. And we can make sure that your workers are paying a portion of their bonuses, thereby lowering overall costs. In this way, you can take advantage of incentive and benefit programs for your people - from improved efficiency and retention to better health and ethics.

In order to take the first steps to offer your staff the desired and deserved benefits, talk to a HICA advisor today. As we know, the right incentive can make the right difference to a company and its people.

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